Spirituality courses: Exploring the Mystery and Meaning of Life

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Spirituality means something different to everyone. While spirituality may have elements of religion, typically it is a broader concept. Spirituality and religion are not the same, although they are not entirely separate from one another, nor is one better than the other. Spirituality courses teach the different between both and much more. Both incorporate the ideas of belief, comfort and reflection. Religion describes the organized, social ways you may connect with the sacred and the divine. Spirituality refers to these relations as private and personal interactions.

Connecting to something bigger than ourselves is exhilarating, whether it be through organized interactions or private contemplation. Finding ways to experience a spiritual, transcendent awareness or a deep sense of inter-connectedness can be a lifelong and rewarding journey.

Benefits of Exploring Your Spirituality with a Course

Spirituality courses will teach you how to connect with the universe and feel harmonious with something bigger than just ourselves. Searching for connections and completeness is part of human nature. This search for direction, individual purpose and aligning with something larger than yourself can be helped along by becoming more spiritually inclined. People who actively practice expanding their mind enjoy many benefits from their efforts.

  • Contributes to your general well-being and outlook, promoting a sense of optimism and overall vitality
  • Realize a go-to comfort zone when facing emotional stress such as physical illness or death
  • Enjoy and feel good about the little things in life and experience positive emotions
  • Experience contentment, gratitude and acceptance
  • Reduce stress and relax the mind, body and spirit
  • Become more self-aware by recognizing possibilities and challenges in the moment
  • Shift perception to a positive outlook, thus finding happiness from internal sources and enhancing the ability to be happy

How to Become More Spiritual

There are many courses, teachings and daily habits you can engage in to become more connected and gain that sense of place and expanded consciousness. If you are new to becoming more harmonious, self-aware and interconnected, you may want to start slow. If you are continuing your spiritual journey and looking for new ways to expand your mind there are many practices and teachings for you too.

You may not have an intense clarifying moment of awakening or a life-changing event that flips the switch to your spirituality. Rather, you will practice and evolve your skills to continually develop a deeper and more intense bond with the universe. Regardless of your individual level or preference, there are ways to grow your spirituality that will benefit you.

Spirituality Courses

Courses can help you start or improve meditation, yoga and other techniques that benefit your mind, body and spirit. These are wonderful mechanisms to start or enhance your efforts. The techniques and disciplines taught in many courses are known to increase awareness, balance energy and promote reflection.

Find Joy in the Small Things

Consciously redirect your attitude to be positive. Meditation and yoga can help teach you techniques to accomplish this, but you are responsible for you. Making an effort to enjoy the small things in life and accepting the not so great things is a skill you can learn. Find something to smile about, or just plain smile every single day, and it will affect your mood inside and out.

Define your Rules

Consider your rules for life. Many religions and constructs have basic beliefs about what is acceptable and not acceptable. Define your rules to live by such as ‘do no harm’ and ‘be truthful’ to promote definition and structure.

Keep a Journal

Journaling can help you spot patterns in your thinking and behaviour that promotes or detracts from your experience. Addressing these can help you move forward in your quest.

Develop Awareness of Connectedness

Take the leap to assume that not everything is a coincidence. Being part of something bigger than yourself is realizing everything is truly connected. Awareness that something may not be a coincidence will help expand your mind.


Consider a path of devotion. Prayers, beliefs and rituals can help you become liberated and intertwine with a larger purpose.


Anne Sexton

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