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Social media courses enable the learner to get to grips with all aspects of modern social media. 

What is a social media course?

Social media courses range from the study of social media trends to marketing for social media platforms. Learners on these courses will be people who are interested in becoming more engaged with all social media platforms. They will have a keen interest in modern technology and the societal effect of social media. 

What might i learn?

Learners on these courses will discover the socioeconomic impact social media has had on our modern world. They will learn how to become a social media influencer and how trending and SEO works in the modern social media age. 

A social media course will teach learners about marketing and how to employ marketing strategies to target select audiences utilising social media algorithms. 

Career Options

Graduates of one of these courses have many options available to them upon completion of the qualification. Social Media graduates might want to set up their  own business building a personal brand and becoming a social media influencer. They may wish to become engaged in a career in research and discover societal trends through the medium of social media, or they may want to become marketing experts and utilise social media platforms to do so. 

Other career options would inclut web content development, journalism, web design, graphic design and content creation. 

There are a number of different social media based courses available to all levels of learner and graduate across the country and online. 


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