Shiatsu Classes: Learn about this ancient Japanese Massage Therapy

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Shiatsu classes teach you an ancient Japanese form of massage therapy. This therapy is also practiced in traditional Chinese medicine and all over the globe. Also known as ‘finger pressure’, shiatsu uses pressure points on the body to focus energy. Pressure is deliberately applied to remove blockages of energy which is causing discomfort.

Eastern theory approaches medicine by evaluating the body and determining what is necessary for healing. By stimulating pressure points to unblock energy points and realign the body’s energy channels, you can restore the healthy supply of life force to the body. Practitioners typically apply pressure using thumbs and hands, but they may also use their elbows, knees or feet.

What are the Benefits of Shiatsu Classes?

Eastern medicine tells us the body has several paths which channel energy to various organs in the body such as the lungs, stomach, heart. Stimulating the pressure points to restore energy to the circulatory, immune and nervous system relieves pain in the mind and body as well as stimulates blood flow for healing.

By stimulating blood flow and restoring energy the body may experience many benefits:

  • Relief from a stiff neck, shoulders and back
  • Reduced headaches and arthritic discomfort
  • Feelings of being more centred and balanced
  • Less stress
  • Reduced fatigue and associated weakness
  • Improved circulation, digestion, and related functions
  • Healing properties related to sprains and similar injuries

Why Learn to Practice Shiatsu

Earning a certificate in this form of massage may qualify you to practice shiatsu. As a student of Eastern medicine you may apply this technique to help promote healing and well-being to others.

Providers of massage benefit from helping receivers unblock their energy and feel healthy. Therefore, helping others promotes positive feelings and well-being in the provider. In addition, it is possible to have a career or part-time job as a shiatsu therapist.

What to Expect on Shiatsu Courses

Whether you are a potential practitioner, a current therapist or seeking to expand your knowledge of healing techniques from a layman’s perspective, you can learn techniques of this massage discipline. By the practice of healing, the practitioner also learns to be more mindful and self-aware. In addition, you may learn self-awareness and meditation as part of your training. Sensing energy is an integral part of the practice. Energy comes through your hands and you can apply that to others. You may also learn stress relief techniques to improve your ability to sense energy.

Anatomy and physiology are an important part of understanding the physical body. You may learn basics about these topics and how they relate to the healing energy flow. You may learn to carefully assess an individual’s condition. Training to understand the reason for tension in certain areas of the body and weakness in others may be part of the assessment. You may learn to apply treatment as you are performing the assessment of the energy blockage.

Learning to be in tune with the receiver of the therapy is important to the assessment. Approaches to improve this ability is an integral skill to learn and improve upon when assessing energy flow.Determining the correct amount of pressure and tempo for each person is key to start the healing process. You may learn how to understand which type of pressure or rotation and body positioning are most effective to impact the assessed trouble areas. Learning different qualities of touch methods and how to communication with and read responses from the receiver are additional objectives for restoring energy. Understanding how to pace the techniques and maintain a fluid, seamless whole body experience may also be part of your training.

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