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Aprenda português a maneira fácil with a Portuguese course!

Perhaps you are a new language learner. Perhaps you’ve already learned a Romance language before. Perhaps you have always wanted to visit Brazil. Whatever the reason, a course in Portuguese can teach you a lot. As the official language of 9 countries, and recognised in 12 others, 260 million people across the world speak a dialect of Portuguese and Portuguese language courses will teach you all you need to know about speaking this language.

Where do people speak Portuguese?

Aside from Portugal and Brazil, Portuguese is also spoken in Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and São Tome and Principe, all of which are former Portuguese colonies.

It’s also spoken in places as far away as China, where it is the recognised language in Macau. According to UNESCO, it is the fastest growing European language after English, thanks in large part to growth in South-West Africa and Brazil.

The European Language Framework

To understand how Portuguese courses work, let’s look at the European Language Framework:

For absolute beginners

The starting point for learning the language is A1. This is for students who want to start at the very beginning. To get comfortable with A1 and progress on to the next level takes around 75 hour of of study. The next rung of the ladder, A2, means that speakers can have basic conversations about every day activities. If you’re planning on taking your Portuguese on holiday with you, this is the perfect level to reach. It takes around twice as long as A1, or 150 hours to reach.

For intermediate students

If you’ve already studied Portuguese in the past and have some knowledge of the language, then a course at B1 level might be for you. Just like with A1 and A2, B1 represents a further 150 hours of study to get achieve. This is only about an hour a day for 3 months, so if you are dedicated to your study, progress will come quickly.

For advanced speakers

Você já fala portugues? You might be C1 – the level at which a student can move to Portugal and live life without many problems on a day-to- day basis. This level will allow you the freedom to move around and do whatever you want to, without having to worry about the language barrier.

Is it easy to learn Portuguese?

Compared to many other global languages, Portuguese language is easy to learn. Like Spanish, French and Italian, the other Latin-based Romance Languages, intermediate fluency can be achieved in about 700 hours.

Like all languages, you achieve as quickly as you work. If you put in 10 hours a day for 48 days, you would become as fluent as in 1 hour a day for 480 days. A course in Portuguese is the perfect way to increase your skill and speed in learning. No matter how hard you study alone, progress is always much quicker when you learn in a group, under expert tutors. New students planning to start from the beginning are encouraged to take a course.

I’ve learned Portuguese before, can I skip beginner courses and go back to where I left off?

If you already have a good level of Portuguese, you can find the Portuguese language course that is right for you. Equally, if you have previous experience of Brazilian dialects, you can take a course that caters to the knowledge you already have.

Just look for the course that best fits your requirements, and apply today. Whether you’ve learned the language before, or are just starting out, a course in Portuguese is a fantastic experience that will help you do something life changing – learning a new language. Who knows where it can take you?

Aproveite seus estudos!

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