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Polish courses are a challenge for anyone who does not speak a Slavic language. However, if you have an interest in learning another language, Polish is both crisp and eclectically exquisite. Here are some reasons to enrol on a Polish language course.

Polish language courses

Courses range from Polish for complete beginners to intermediate and advanced classes. Beginners’ classes equip non-speakers with basic Polish communications skills. Students will learn conversational language including:

  • Introductions and greetings; how to say hello, what your name is and introduce your companions.
  • Conversations about your job, family, where you live, what you like to do and general chitchat.
  • Interactions with travel agents, hotel and restaurant staff
  • Asking for directions, arranging locations to meet and going shopping

In addition, Polish courses on offer for children aged 5 to 12 years of age follow a similar structure to that of the adult beginners classes. Classes are given in a friendly and lively atmosphere, creating an environment that cultivates their natural ability to learn a foreign language. Children are also encouraged to interact with each other in small groups to aid in their learning.

Furthermore, intermediate courses focus more on learning the grammar and phonetics of the language and developing the student’s written abilities. There are also a number of options to take Polish classes through online learning and link in with personal language tutors via video calls.

Reasons for studying Polish in Ireland

With approximately 122,000+ Polish people living in Ireland (CSO, 2016), there are a number of reasons that both Irish and Polish people choose to take Polish courses including;

1. To improve their job prospects

Firstly, having a second, third or even fourth language can enhance your job prospects exponentially. Furthermore, there are positions regularly advertised in companies such as Google and PayPal for sales, account managers and marketers with Polish language skills.

2. To add to a portfolio of languages

For those who have already studied and perfected other European languages, adding a completely different type of language to their list of accomplishments can be a personal challenge. Polish has a reputation for being a difficult language to master as a native English speaker. However with perseverance –  as well as good teachers – anyone can learn the basics in a few weeks.

3. To enable an employee to work or live in Poland

A number of big companies have moved their manufacturing bases and headquarters to Poland in the past few years. Therefore, knowing Polish will give you a better chance of working with these companies, as well as living in a different country.

4. To maintain Polish language skills

As mentioned above there are over 120,000 Polish people currently residing in Ireland. Families with children who are now growing up in Ireland may want their sons and daughters to learn their native language hence keep the connection to their Polish heritage.

5. To help prepare students to take the leaving certificate examination

Polish can be examined at leaving certificate level given the student speaks the language as a mother tongue. Therefore students can take courses to help prepare them for the leaving certificate written and aural/oral examinations.

Another reason students choose to learn Polish to prepare themselves to take the more difficult and most widely spoken Slavic language, Russian.

Find Polish language courses near you on Courses.ie.

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