Philosophy Courses: Opening Doors To Your Career

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Do you enjoy challenging your family and friends in discussions about life, politics and religion? Do you find yourself pondering why humans act in the way we do and if there is a deeper meaning to the everyday superficial? If you have an inquisitive mind and a desire to improve your critical thinking skills, you should consider enrolling in a philosophy course. 

Courses available in Ireland

Philosophy courses can open your mind to a world of possibilities and provide you with the principal skills you need to work in many career fields.

Philosophy courses on offer in Ireland range from short part-time introductory courses through full-time undergraduate and speciality post-graduate degrees. Students at degree level can take some philosophy modules on most Arts & Humanities programmes to complement their study. They may also choose to study it as part of a joint honours degree or major in it for their final year.

What is philosophy?

Philosophy deals with the most fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, reason and values. Philosophy courses teach all you need to know about the subject.

The three main divisions of philosophy are metaphysics, epistemology and value theory. Tackling the studies of the nature of reality, the nature of scope and knowledge, human behaviour and the nature of beauty.

Through the study of philosophy, the student seeks to understand profound questions that have intrigued human minds for centuries. For example, questions asked in class propose what is our place in the Universe? Is free will real or just an illusion? Is there a meaning to life? If so, what is it?

What is involved in a philosophy course?

Students will spend time exploring philosophical questions using logic and reasoning to determine the best possible answers. From the dialogues of Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle to the modern writings of living philosophers such as Noam Chomsky, you will study the works of the most influential intellects spanning 3,000 years.

Also, expect the classroom environment to be a lively and highly interactive one. Students are encouraged to challenge philosophical theories and concepts through open dialogue and small group discussions.


Basic skills in critical thinking and argumentation are taught through open dialogue in every class. The skills that a student of philosophy acquires include how to think independently and how to critically analyse a problem. Hence, the student will learn how to communicate ideas and arguments clearly and effectively, both verbal and written. Therefore, graduates will be able to reason with abstract concepts and apply those concepts to practical problems.

Career Prospects

Philosophy students fit a profile that employers are directly targeting. For instance, they are sought after for their ability to think independently and critically, to communicate ideas and arguments clearly and to apply abstract concepts to practical problems. These skills are highly marketable in today’s fast-moving economy and in strong demand from employers in the finance, legal, technology and management fields amongst others.

Law schools and law firms seek these graduates because they are analytically skilful, able to argue different points of view, have exceptional written and verbal skills and use logic to solve complex problems. Studying law is often a natural progression for many graduates.

Graduates from philosophy courses are also appealing prospects for recruiters in the finance, sales and business management areas. They have the capacity to analyse markets rigorously, to evaluate risk and make decisions based on the best information compiled.

Furthermore, some graduates may consider working in writing, journalism or blogging. For instance, a philosophy degree prepares a budding journalist with skills in investigative reporting, editing and composition. Talents in effective communication and argumentation catch the eye of news editors and publishers, who are looking for writers to present different perspectives on topics.

Finally, other graduates choose to pursue careers in politics, the media, education, marketing or the civil service.

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