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Thinking of taking a course in Forklift Training? 

Forklifts are useful industrial trucks that can lift and move materials in the workplace. It’s important that those using forklifts know the correct protocols in order to avoid any accidents. As well as the operation of the truck, it’s important to be aware of the legislation surrounding the use of forklifts in the working environment.

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What will you learn? 

Forklift Training courses are an excellent tool for anyone looking to operate the truck safely. There are many different levels depending on the needs of the individual. They range from beginner to novice, experienced and beyond. 

Beginners courses will cover all things forklifts. They will cover the full range and type of trucks used in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

 Students will learn about the telescopic handler, counterbalance and reach truck. As well as that, they will learn about driving on rough terrain, pivot steering and the side loader. Pedestrian and ride-on pallet carrier and Combilift are covered. 

Novice Forklift Training will provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to safely operate the truck. Both theory and practical information will be applied to the various types of loads. This will allow you to apply what you have learned to a variety of situations. 

At the end of the training, there is an individual assessment of the operator’s ability. This course is for those who have never driven a truck of this nature before or those with little experience. 

There are courses in Forklift Training for experienced truck operators to help them avoid any accidents in the workplace. Participants will learn how to safely use a forklift either in their workplace or in an alternative venue, which means they can easily familiarise themselves with the truck in an environment they know. 

Refresher forklift courses will help keep drivers up to date with any changes in operation. The Health and Safety Authority recommend that students undergo refresher training to prevent them from adopting bad habits and practices. 

Courses may vary in terms of duration and delivery which means you will find one that suits you. 

What comes next?

Forklift Training is a great idea for anyone looking to safely operate the truck. It is a skill that comes in handy for a number of jobs and can help you secure one. Having Forklift Training on your CV will make you stand out among others applying for the same position as you.

Those working in the industry already can use Forklift Training to upskill and move into a new position. Your employer will be happy to hear about your additional training. You will be able to safely operate a truck as well as preventing any potential accidents in the workplace. 

After Forklift Training, there are many additional courses to enrol in to upskill and maintain safe operations at work. Having a number of certifications of course completion will allow you to secure a number of different roles all the while keeping you, your colleagues and the public safe.

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