Nail Technician Courses and Nail Art: Create Beautiful Nails

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Nail Technician Courses and learning to create miniature works of nail art are increasingly popular. After all, many people regard a manicure or pedicure is a “necessary luxury.” This is because well-kept nails make you look groomed. Manicure and pedicure courses can help you do your nails at home. They can also be the first step to becoming a specialist nail technician.

About Nail Technician Courses

Nail courses start with basic care and grooming such as manicure and pedicure training. Additional courses move on to more advanced techniques such as nail art and using acrylics and gels. You can find nails courses for personal use or train to be a nails technician depending on your goals.

When you enrol on a nails course, check the course details to find out more about what you will learn. You may need to provide some or all of the materials for your course. And in some cases, you need someone who is willing to have you work on their nails in class.

Introduction to Nails, Manicures and Pedicures

Manicure and pedicure nails courses teach you how to correctly file someone’s nails and understand the importance and methods for cuticle care. You learn how to correctly use products and tools needed for a manicure and pedicure and and learn how to perform massages on hands, feet and arms.

Some courses teach nail repair, how to repair damage or cracked nails using silk fibres and wraps to simulate the natural look of real nails.

Beginners’ nails courses teach you the correct process for using a base coat, nail enamel and a top coat. You’ll learn essential nail painting skills such as the french polish or a paraffin wax manicure. You may also learn about basic nail art using glitter, different colours and faux gems. An important part of being a manicurist and pedicurist involves understanding the structure of nails and cuticles. Understanding nail diseases and disorders help you become skilled at giving pedicures and manicures.

Check the course listing when enrolling on a nails course for pedicure and manicure training. Some offer certificates and qualify you to work in a beauty salon or specialised nail salon or even to set up your own business.

Advanced Nails Courses

Courses to become a nails technician build on the skills learned from the introductory manicure and pedicure courses. Learning to be a nails technician involves mastering gel and acrylic nails – and becoming an expert in nail art and other finishing touches. Remember that a good technician advises clients on the best type of procedure and nails for their lifestyle.

Learn to master gel nails techniques by applying the extensions then shape and finish them with natural, long lasting nails. When learning about the traditional method for acrylic nails, you will learn how to apply nail extensions using liquid and powder. You’ll learn advanced techniques and trends in nail art, painting and appliqués. Detailed designs or appliques let you help your client show their personality. From basic faux jewels and designs to holo polish and hot trends, you learn the skills needed to give clients beautiful nails.

Advanced nails courses also prepare you for a career. Skills for running a business, pricing and marketing are often topics in advanced nails courses. You’ll learn how to help people look amazing with pedicure and manicure training and top it off with courses to master the art of gel and acrylic nails.

Find the nails course for you by search in’s database of nails, manicure, pedicure and beauty courses in Ireland.

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