Mindfulness Courses: Learning to Give Active Attention in the Present

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Mindfulness has a growing reputation as a valuable component of mental health. Being mindful means that you are aware of your thoughts, feelings and body as well as the environment without assessing them as good or bad and mindfulness courses and classes teach all about the area. This approach to life keeps you in the here and now, rather than imagining the future or dwelling on the past.

Being mindful, especially in stressful situations, you can help you carefully respond to those situations, instead of allowing a habitual reaction to take over. You may also learn to enjoy more moments in your life rather than thinking about the ‘what ifs’.

Learning to be more self-aware is the purpose of becoming more mindful. With practice and determination, you can learn to become more conscious of your environment, yourself and others. Mindfulness courses and classes teach participants to a variety of meditation tools as well as create awareness about mindfulness. Being mindful, you don’t get caught up in thoughts and emotions.

Why are Mindfulness Courses Good For Me?

Focusing on the present helps you know it is OK to have thoughts and feelings, to be aware of them and not to categorize them as good or bad. And to consider your response to those thoughts and feeling before reacting, especially in uncomfortable situations. Benefits you may enjoy from training to be more mindful are:

  • Reduced stress in difficult situations
  • Increased emotional awareness of others
  • More positive emotions
  • Increased clarity and focus
  • Greater self-awareness and insight
  • Stronger self-control and tolerance

What to Wear at Mindfulness Courses

Wear comfortable and relaxed clothing. You may be doing some gentle movement along with breathing exercises. Avoid anything that is tight around your waist or that could be annoying, such as scratchy socks or sweaters, or ill-fitting shoes.

What to Bring to Mindfulness Courses

Some classes ask that you bring a yoga mat, a notebook or journal and pencil/pen for recording your thoughts. Water is always encouraged as hydrating your body plays an important role in your well-being.

What to Expect

The skills you learn to become mindful help you deliberately focus your thoughts, without judging those thoughts not good or bad. The point is not to over-examine Your instructor will gently guide you through techniques to strengthen being mindful. Some examples that you may experience in class are below.

Sitting Exercises: will help you slow down and become aware of your environment, your breathing, and your thoughts simultaneously. Shifting your thoughts from daydreaming may be part of sitting exercises.

Breathing Awareness: provides techniques to be aware your breath and the sensations of simply breathing. Learn to be aware of your breath and the various operations of your breathing.

Mind and States of Mind: understanding the emotional mind, the rational mind and the wise mind and ways to focus your thoughts on using your wise mind. Turning the chatter that makes up your daily life into deliberate focus rather than reaction.

Single-Tasking: techniques for taking one task at a time and be aware of the processes involved in completing that task. Performing single tasks rather than multi-tasking can raise awareness and consciousness.

Daily Practice: help find ways to practice being mindful during routine activities as well as during challenging moments. These practice moments help you get off the auto-pilot mode and truly be aware of the moment.

Sensation Awareness: techniques to facilitate awareness of your senses. Learn to be conscious of the external world, eating, walking, breathing and your body.

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