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“Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.”

-Shakuntala Devi


Maths Week is currently taking place this week from 10th – 18th October and is always a great time to encourage young people to form a positive attitude towards maths and features a variety of online events for schools and people to participate in.

For most people maths is an essential subject that they study through their school years from the foundations of number sense and numeration, measurement, geometry and spatial sense, patterning and algebra, and data management and probability through secondary school into more complex areas of number sense and algebra, linear relations, measurement and geometry.

For some, this is just the beginning of their maths journey as they go on to study mathematics in college and use their degree to open up a variety of career options in science, technology and business.

So for the week that’s in it, we decided to put a spotlight on some of the top careers that are available to the critical-thinking, problem-solving and analytically-skilled mathematics graduates.

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Actuaries play a key role in insurance companies by serving as analysts who help determine whether the company should issue an insurance policy and what the premium for that policy should be. 

  • Entry Level: 55K
  • Mid-level: 80K
  • Senior Level: 95K

Data Engineer

Data engineers are responsible for developing and translating computer algorithms into prototype code and maintaining, organizing, and identifying trends in large data sets.

  • Entry Level: 35K
  • Mid-level: 55K
  • Senior Level: 80K

Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative analysts are tasked with devising strategies for maximum efficiency when it comes to trading stock. They work closely with other mathematical professionals to continuously improve trading protocols and strategies. Quantitative analysts create and edit analytical models, work closely with financial staff, research the best tools to create and maintain financial and stock portfolios, and keep their company up-to-date with the best software available for financial programs.

  • Entry Level: 30K
  • Mid-level: 45K
  • Senior Level: 60K

Data Analyst

Data Analysts are the ones who extract information from a given set of data. A Data Analyst collects, processes, and performs statistical analyses of data and finds trends to help prepare data for the Data Scientists. 

  • Entry Level: 25K
  • Mid-level: 35K
  • Senior Level: 5oK

Business Intelligence Manager

A Business Intelligence Manager or Data Manager position involves developing and implementing a systematic process that can identify management’s intelligence needs, gathering and analysing the related information and providing timely reports based on the analysis.

  • Entry Level: 66K
  • Mid-level: 75K
  • Senior Level: 87K

Analytics Consultant

Analytics consultants are in charge of developing and implementing analytics solutions for their organization. They are responsible for creating data mining projects and utilize that information to increase consumer brand awareness and revenue.

  • Entry Level: 42K
  • Mid-level: 55K
  • Senior Level: 67K

Business Intelligence Developer 

A business intelligence developer is responsible for designing and developing BI solutions, overseeing the implementation of the BI systems and also the ongoing maintenance of those solutions. They will create and complete data request queries and, through visualization and reports, present the information.

  • Entry Level: 24K
  • Mid-level: 45K
  • Senior Level: 66K

SAS Programmer

An SAS (Statistical Analysis System) programmer is an IT professional who focuses on data collection and analysis. SAS programmers aggregate data and manipulate it for the purpose of analyzing current projects and productivity, as well as predicting future trends and needs.

  • Entry Level: 35K
  • Mid-level: 56000.K
  • Senior Level: 75K

Database Developer

Database Developers, also called database programmers, are primarily responsible for creating and implementing computer databases. They determine the best database management system for a particular client, as well as test database programs for efficiency and performance and troubleshoot and correct problems.

  • Entry Level: 30K
  • Mid-level: 50.K
  • Senior Level: 65K

Programmer Analyst

Programmer analysts perform the jobs of both a systems analyst and a computer programmer. Systems analysts design and develop software and computer systems. Computer programmers implement the designs by writing computer programs as well as updating and repairing existing programs.

  • Entry Level: 30K
  • Mid-level: 44.K
  • Senior Level: 65K

Application Developer

The primary responsibility of the application developer, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary delivery team, will be the development of software applications based on defined requirements. 

  • Entry Level: 30K
  • Mid-level: 51.K
  • Senior Level: 66K






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