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Work out your worries with Massage Courses.

Massage is an ancient skill, and there are many different uses for it today. Get lost in the sensual world of massage with a massage course designed to suit you.

What can I learn on Massage Courses?

Massages have different purposes. Some are to sooth and relax, while others have genuine medical uses. We’ve listed some of the different kinds of massage course available, and the uses for them below.

  • Pregnancy massage;  These types of massage are great for mothers and babies. They can help expectant mothers deal with the aches and strains of childbirth and are designed to help mothers through the various stages of pregnancy.
  • Indian Head Massage – A style of massage connected to ancient Indian Ayurvedic tradition.

Practitioners believe that by aligning the chakras of the body, a massage can bring increased benefits to health all over.

  • Lymphatic Draining
  • Designed to help the body get rid of waste by gently massaging the lymph nodes.
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • The popular Japanese style, using traditional methods passed down over hundreds of years.

There are plenty of other kinds of course, including aromatherapy and cupping courses, that incorporate massage as part of a wider treatment designed to help patients deal with stress. Massage techniques can sometimes include hot stones and candles and can cover all parts
of the body, from neck and shoulders down to the feet. There are also courses for sports massage therapy. It is important to know that sports massage is considered separate from most other kinds of massage, as it has a specific physio-therapeutic purpose. If a dedicated course in sports massage is something you are interested in, searching for a dedicated sports massage course might be more beneficial.

How does massaging help?

While some people enjoy receiving a massage simply because it feels good, others receive it as medical treatment. Massage is a very popular part of holistic therapy. Some people use it as an alternative to medication. Some courses offer massage in conjunction with aromatherapy, to help patients feel relaxed and happy.

Diploma in Massage

If you would like to take your interest in massage further, consider a diploma. These professional qualifications can allow you to pursue a career as a professional massage therapist. Many of these courses include training in other methods of holistic therapy. If you have an interest in traditional medicine, using non-medical remedies to cure patients, this a qualification in massage of this sort could be perfect for you. It is important to note that this should not be used as a replacement for specialist medical care and does not replace any professional qualifications as a doctor of medicine however.

Courses are also available that include nutrition and skincare. Massage is a great accompaniment to beauty courses, and is often paired with treatments like manicures and pedicures.

What can I expect when I finish my massage course?

When you have fully completed your qualifications, you will be prepared to work in the health and beauty industry. Many health spas recruit masseurs and masseuses to help clients relax. Holistic therapy companies also look to hire qualified graduates. If you would like to look at working in the medical industry, working with athletes or even nursing, a qualification in massage is a good start. While often these medical careers require more
study (and sometimes more qualifications), the skills you learn on a massage course are useful. If you are studying for personal benefit, you will be popular with friends and relatives who want to find out exactly what you’ve learned.

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