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Thinking of taking up a course in Czech? 

Many people enjoy learning new languages to use when travelling, talking to natives or simply for the fun of it. The likes of French, Spanish or German are usually the most popular options. However, there are so many more languages that many never think to learn. Czech is an excellent option for anyone looking to take up a new language. 

Czech is a wonderful language that can be used in the Czech Republic and can open the gate to other languages. It is a Slavic language which means it is close to Russian, Polish and Slovak. Talking on a course in Czech will help you easily progress to these other languages should you choose to. 

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What will you study? 

Taking on a course in Czech will help immerse you in the language and culture of the Czech Republic. 

There are many different types of Czech classes to suit your needs and preferences. Some are delivered online via Skype on a one to one or in a group setting. These classes cater to general or business needs. Online classes can be an excellent choice if you cannot travel for your lessons or would rather not. 

Most institutions will also offer face-to-face classes for students. These classes can be general or business Czech. Students can learn on a one to one basis if they would prefer. 

There are also options to work in a private group if you have friends or family who would like to learn a language altogether. You can also attend an open group class if you would like to meet new people. 

Beginners classes are a good place to start if you have never practised the language before. They will help you easily settle into the language and build your confidence. Upon completing these classes, you can easily move on to intermediate level Czech and even expert level. 

Where can you go after this? 

Many people take up classes in Czech for the purpose of learning new skills. Often, students learn it just for fun, for travelling purposes or to meet new people through it. It’s a wonderful way to learn something new even if you never use it. 

However, there are many opportunities to progress with the language if you choose to. Students who start at a beginners level and work their way up to an advanced level. After this, there are plenty of college courses to progress onto. You could do a straight Czech course or can take a course that incorporates another subject with it. 

Graduates of courses like this can go on to work in their desired field and use the language alongside it. For those who train and perfect the language, there are many opportunities including translation, interpretation and beyond. You can even become involved in media or journalism if that interests you. The possibilities are endless when taking on a course in Czech. 

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