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The future is greener with a course in Landscape Design!

Landscape design deals with planning gardens and parks. It is a fantastic choice of career for anyone with a green thumb and a creative streak. It combines all the elements of the outdoors to create beautiful gardens that will amaze and delight for years to come.

What can I do as a Landscape Designer?

There are plenty of different jobs that a qualified landscape designer can do. The best landscape designers can command impressive sums of money for their work and be held in similar esteem to architects. If your dreams are not quite as lofty as that, there are still plenty of different opportunities available.

  • Landscape Contracting – Working for custom built projects, landscape designers can design fabulous gardens for a variety of new complexes, including hotels, homes, offices and retail parks. This is a type of design that combines the functional and the aesthetic.
  • Retail Garden Centres – Working a landscape designer, you can help customers of garden centres to plan, design and execute stunning garden for their homes. Many major garden centres have specialised garden planning departments, with professionals available to help advise on the best types of plant or soil to use.
  • Wholesalers – major gardening projects require experts to procure and sell specialist garden products. A knowledge of garden design can help to provide the right equipment.
  • Interior scaping – the concept of creating green spaces indoors, ‘interior scaping’ has become a popular way to decorate the inside of large buildings, such as shopping centres, high-end restaurants and hospitals, as well as many inner-city residential
  • Resorts and sports clubs – knowing what grass to use, and where is a very profitable business. Working on golf courses is an excellent employment opportunity for landscape designers. There are similar jobs in tennis, football and other outdoor sports, as well as spas and leisure clubs.
  • Parks and gardens – working in massive parks and gardens open to the public can give designers the opportunity to create large spaces for public enjoyment. This can also include working in botanical gardens, government offices and even in historical manor house grounds, where an amazing variety of flora can be found. For designers who really want to push themselves to do something incredible, working in parks can be a once-in- a-lifetime experience.

What will I learn on a landscape design course?

There is more to landscape design than telling the difference between grass and gravel. A great designer can use the existing landscape as well as exciting features to create an impressive gardens cape in almost any setting.

There are other elements besides plants and rocks that a landscape designer can use in their work. Footpaths, fountains, even rivers can be used to make the ground come to life and dazzle and impress visitors.
If you would like to work with landscaping in a more sporting nature, there is plenty to learn to. Learning to look after sporting pitches is a lucrative career – and something that all major sports team needs, especially after a tough game of Rugby! Equally, if you would like to learn to design a golf course – perhaps the most prestigious of all sporting fields, gaining knowledge and expert advice on how to challenge the world’s greatest golfers will get you well on the way to your dream career.

With a range of horticultural courses available, there is sure to be one that is right for you. There is nothing that stands in the way between you and a fulfilling career as a landscape designer! Check our fantastic landscape design courses and find the teacher that will inspire the job of a lifetime.

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