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Run the office with a Keyboard and Typing course!

Remember when typing was just a marketable skill within itself? While those days are gone, typing is as important as it has ever been.

It used to be possible to get a job without demonstrating strong IT skills. This is no longer possible in the vast majority of office (or even other non-manual jobs). This means that certifying as a typist is vital for anyone who wants to get a new job.

Why do I need a course in Typing?

If you struggle with modern IT, and you are not considering taking an ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence), then consider a course now. There is no excuse for computer skills not to be up to scratch now that computing is so commonplace in almost every field of life.

If you already feel that you are a capable user, consider a course that will take you towards a MOM qualification. The MOM or Microsoft Office Master course proves that you are an expert user of the Office suite of software. This can help you stand out in a crowded employment market.

What skills will I learn in a course?

Keyboard Typing courses are designed to deliver practical skills. They will teach you everything that you need to use the programme to its fullest.

Courses will teach students to create high-quality word documents. This will include learning how to implement items such as WordArt and visual formatting. Learning to use the advanced tools built into the programme, designed to help you format documents more easily is a core part of the course.

With fully qualified instructors to help you through the learning process, a Keyboard and Typing course can help you make the most of what is now considered an essential skill for the workplace. Getting up to date with the latest tools is never a bad idea, and with an excellent range of easy courses, there is no better time to refresh your CV.

Demonstrating that you are able to work quickly and efficiently is extremely important, as older employees who have not grown up around the technology cannot expect to be able to function in the modern workplace without them. A short course can remedy all your worries and you will be able to put your years of experience to good use.

What can I expect to do after I finish?

Once you have fully qualified in Typing, there are several things you can choose to go on and do. While simply certifying as an experienced user is not enough to win you a job alone, it will provide strong evidence in support of your suitability for employment in the modern workplace. This is especially true if you first began working during a period where IT was less
common in the workforce.

If you would like to go on and gain a full certification as a MOM, then exploring the other elements of the Microsoft Office suite, such as Access and Excel, is possible. Using the skills, you have learned with Word (which carry a common core experience across the system), you can advance to taking the full MOM qualification.

If you have not yet taken the ECDL course but are interested in upgrading your IT skills in a simple, recognised qualification, then this is also an option. An ECDL will demonstrate your suitability to most major administrative jobs with an IT element.

If you were simply looking to augment your CV with a new skill, then you will have achieved that too. A course in Keyboard and Typing skills will demonstrate to most employers that you are fully capable of handling most office tasks.

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