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Program your way to a qualification in Java Development!

More than any other career, the role of a programmer is vital to today’s society. For a job role that did not exist 20 years ago, coding in general has exploded. If you are familiar with programming and computing, the opportunity to become a Java Developer is a highly lucrative one. Enrol in a java development course and learn all about this important area.

Java is one of the major three programming languages that make up the World Wide Web. Along with CSS and HTML, Javascript is essential to modern communication. As the language of most apps and programs, Java and C make up the majority of common development languages. Java courses teach about java development.

Where did Java come from?

Java was first developed in 1991. Designed to be easy to learn and effective to use, it quickly took hold as the dominant programming language. Today, Java can be found in the majority of programs and apps that are used in everyday life.

When Java was created, there were 5 key goals;

1. Java needs to be “simple, object-oriented, and familiar”.
2. The coding and architecture must be “robust and secure”.
3. Programs should be “architecture-neutral and portable”.
4. They must also be executed with “high performance”.
5. As a language, it is designed to be “interpreted, threaded, and dynamic”.

If creating apps in a modern, effective programming language is for you, or you would just like to learn more about the world’s most popular programming language.

What can I do with a Java Development course?

A course in Java development is the first step in becoming a software engineer. Exactly what you choose to do with your Java skills is up to you. Many coders use it as a pathway to learning other programming languages. While coders use many different languages to create new code, almost all of them use Java in some capacity.

How can I study Java?

While you can learn to program with Java alone, a java course can be very beneficial. When coders are just starting out, a helping hand and a knowledge of the technology behind it can be helpful.

If you are looking to study Java Development as a stand-alone course, there are many different options to consider.

The Open University in Ireland

The Open University offers courses in Java Development as part of a wider software development course. The 9-month course does not require an in-depth knowledge of Java to begin, but basic familiarity would be beneficial. The course covers the key building blocks of the languages.

Other courses

Other courses treat Java Development in a number of ways. Many of them look at Java in conjunction with other programming languages, rather than devoting the entire course to working with it. If working as a software developer does not appeal to you, but you would like to learn more about it, there are opportunities to learn about the language in the context of wider Information Technology.

Java is also a great companion to HTML. If you are interested specifically in web development, then there are also options to study Java alongside.

I need to start right at the beginning. Should I learn about Java before starting a course?

If you are starting completely from scratch, and have no prior experience, it is a good idea to learn about Java first. If you do not have the time or the understanding before however, there are several courses that cater to beginners.

No matter where you want to begin your career as a programmer, a course in Java is a perfect start. Whether you need to begin right at the beginning or already have an understanding of Java, there is a course available for you.

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