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Do you have a passion for design and decorative techniques? Would you consider yourself a creative person who would enjoy the challenge of transforming interior spaces for clients? Or perhaps you simply want to start an exciting new hobby? It’s never too late to consider a course in interior design. 

About Interior Design Courses

There are a number of courses available in Ireland for those interested in pursuing an interest or career in interior design. From a 10 week part-time introductory class in Home Design to a full-time BA in Design (Interiors and Furniture) there are a range of options available. Some classes are available to take online through distance learning and assignments can be submitted electronically.

Interior design students are exposed to a wide-range of design concepts that encompass architecture, art, furniture and lighting. Furthermore, students study fashion, colour, textiles and upholstery. They learn how to manage large projects, from designing the interiors of new constructions to remodelling old ones. They also learn how to create detailed costings for clients and how to produce a scope of works for contractors.

Some interior design courses offer students the opportunity to study topics like ethics, the influence of history and environmental psychology on design. In addition, students learn how todevelop practical skills such as drawing to scale and mastering the suite of design software tools. These include applications such as Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design), Computer Graphics Modelling, Sketch Up and Revit.

Students on the BA and diploma courses are also taught about entrepreneurship and the business administration side of working in a practice or running their own consultancy/freelance business. This encompasses setting up a business, obtaining finance and forming a marketing strategy.

To conclude a course in interior design students are required to complete an in-depth design project, simulating a real-life renovation, which will make them more aware of the elements that are involved in striking and functional interiors.

Skills Learned

Graduates of interior design courses leave the course with a thorough knowledge of the principal design topics. As well as having developed strong communication skills. They will also be competent in design technologies and software applications, essential to turning ideas on paper into actual physical results.

Strong project management, organisation and coordination skills are essential to becoming a successful interior designer. Graduates will work closely with clients, architects, builders and craftsmen in their everyday roles.

Career Prospects

The design industry in Ireland is highly competitive. However, gaining work experience on distinctive projects in different companies can help a designer develop a reputation.

Graduates of the diploma and BA programmes find work in design practices and architectural firms. As well as manufacturing companies and large retail stores. Most interior designers get to travel for work, visiting sites and installations.  As well as retailers and warehouses, manufacturers and craftspeople.

Some interior designers work as independent consultants specialising in certain areas such as conceptual, commercial and office design or solely domestic projects. Others work as colour consultants, property stylists or as design lecturers.

E-Design is an interesting speciality area of interior design that has emerged recently as a result of developing technologies. Clients send all the room measurements, inspirational images and colour suggestions to the designer electronically. The consultation then takes place via phone or email. Designers then offer once off quick tips and design advice for a single room or office space for a fee.

Some designers have decided to focus solely on E-design, also known as remote or virtual design, as opposed to offering comprehensive interior design services. Others offer it in addition to the full-service interior consultation.

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