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Make room for your creativity with Interior Design Courses

If you are artistic and have a passion for living with style, a course in Interior Design Course is a fantastic decision. It will allow you to express your creativity, and grow as an artist.

Interior Design might seem elementary – choose the colours and styles that you like and then go to work. The reality is more complicated, and like most art forms, professional guidance from experienced artists can help your personal development.

No matter how far you want to take your love of art, there is a course in interior design that is right for you.

Diploma Stage

If you are considering a diploma in Interior Design, you can expect to study the following aspects:

Art history and the history of design, where students will look into designs of the past, and how they have evolved into the styles of today. Planning the best way to execute your designs, with a focus on colour, textiles and layouts. Business is also considered in the diploma courses, which will help prospective students learn about how to run their own interior design agencies and work with clients.

While the diploma courses are shorter in duration, they teach specific skills without all of the extra work that comes along with studing a full degree. For designers with limited free time, these makes an excellent option.

Undergraduate courses in Interior Design

If you would like to study interior design in more depth, over a number of years, either full or part time, then there are undergraduate options that are right for you. Graduates can expect much of the same content as found at diploma level. A focus on Computer Aided Design however, can be very useful when working in the modern design industry. This includes working with 3-D models, rendering and designing each room in advance.

For students who might have plans to work in architecture, there are also BA courses available in Interior Architecture, which takes the ethos of Interior Design even further. This is a fantastic advantage when working in commercial design, as it helps designers work with large spaces and take maximum advantage of floor plans.

After completing an undergraduate Interior Design Course, students can look forward to a potential career working in commercial design, with clients like hotels, offices and galleries. Successful students will be able to work alone and as part of a larger team.

I’d love to be an interior designers, but I’ve never studied art before

If you need to start from the very beginning, then there are courses designed specially for beginners. Learn everything about Interior Design that a beginner needs to know, starting from the bottom and working your way through the course. There are also courses designed around the needs of people who want to be able to design their own home without studying the commercial aspects of interior design. This is also suitable for people who have no intention of working as designers but would still like to take a course in interior design.

Equally, for students interested in specific aspects of interior design, there are specialist courses. There are courses for working with textiles, landscaping and portfolio building. For older designers looking to increase their CAD skills, there are also CAD-specific design courses.

Whether you want to become the next Interior Design sensation or follow you dreams for a perfect home, there is a course in interior design right for you. Work with any medium, in any style. Learn modern design techniques or even take a look at architecture. With a course in Interior Design, there are endless possibilities – just like with your creativity.

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