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Visualise your future with an Image Consultancy course!

Image consultancy is a very versatile field. Qualified professionals have a range of different career options, from working in film and television to working in the PR industry.

If you have a creative streak and have always enjoyed helping other people to look their best, then a course in Image Consultancy could be the perfect choice for your next step.

What does an Image Consultant do?

An Image Consultant helps clients to get ‘that look’. As an Image Consultant, you will work with clients to help give them the appearance that they want. This often extends to providing makeup services yourself, although top consultants often have a team of beauticians that they work with to provide high quality service to clients.

It is a job role ideally suited to someone creative who has a good eye for design and fashion. Obvious job markets include things like bridal fashion, where consultants will advise brides on the best styles of dress and makeup to give them the look they want for their wedding.

Equally, if you are an image consultant who works in the Public Relations (PR) industry, you can advise clients on how to dress to best appeal to their target market or to produce a specific response.

Other jobs, such as being a personal shopper or personal stylist, involve much of the same skills – being able to discuss with clients, and then deliver a finished ‘look’ based on what they would like (or what others would like for them).

While most people associate this sort of work with a female clientele, there are many lucrative job roles working in the male fashion sector too. If you’ve ever dreamed of dressing the stars, then a course in Image Consultancy should be your first step towards that goal.

What sort of courses are there, and what will I study?

Obviously, studying fashion (and the history of it) is very important to anyone who wants to work as a professional in this field. Exactly what you will study depends on the course that you choose, so make sure you have an end goal in mind. Despite the differences, however, there are many common elements in all courses:

  • Students will learn to work with colours, to be able to dress almost anyone in complementary colours to enhance their appearance.
  • A focus on female form will help to give aspiring consultants the ability to flatter women of any shape and size.
  • Concentrating on being able to deliver a full bridal service will help students with one of the most lucrative but competitive fields of image consultancy around.

What can I expect to do when I’m finished?

There are lots of jobs that rely on clients having the right image. Whether you are planning on one day being a celebrity fashion guru or have more immediate goals of working within the fashion industry with everyday clients, getting qualified as an Image Consultant is a great start.

For consultants who want to work in the PR industry, being able to make clients look the right way in public is an important skill to have. This is also true of anyone wanting to work in the bridal industry, where people will do almost anything in order to have the perfect photos at the end of the day.

Courses are flexible and easy to fit into anyone’s schedule, no matter how busy it might be. If you’ve ever wanted to work with fashion but make a real difference to the lives of normal people, rather than catwalk models, then consider a course in Image Consultancy today.

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