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Are you always doodling or sketching? Have you dreamed of learning to draw? Drawing courses teach basic and advanced techniques in this art form, and give practice of using lines, space, shading and colour. You will learn methods to draw with different media, and practice fundamentals like sketching, shading and texture. You’ll also learn better observation skills through exercises and practice and improve your hand-eye coordination.

About hand drawing courses

If you have always wanted to learn to draw, beginning classes teach the basics. You’ll learn to get creative and feel comfortable using fundamental methods. Advanced courses develop new techniques for continued development. They also give futher practice using media from pencils and pens to oil charcoal and oil pastels.

Beginners’ drawing courses

In a beginners course, you’ll learn the basics of sketching and drawing. This includes how to hold a pencil for best results, and learn techniques like shading for realistic representations. You will also learn about techniques that show texture like hatching, cross-hatching and stippling.

Observation exercises teach perception and understanding space, as well as how to develop ideas. Exercises will let you practice depicting objects proportional to other objects, and how to see relationships between objects. You will also experiment with light and shadow using basic techniques.

Media used in beginning courses ranges from pencil to oil pastels. You’ll start with pencil and basic techniques, learn to practice those techniques using different media like pens and coloured pencils.

You’ll also learn the effective use of colour in your art. Colour adds another level of visual appeal for highlighting, depicting mood and balance.

As you advance, you’ll experiment with still life, self-portraits, landscapes and drawing from memory. You will also practice techniques you learned throughout the course, adding to your comfort level.

Don’t worry about whether your drawings are good or not initially. Instead, you should look at your improvement over time and how much you enjoy the art.

Advanced courses

Advanced drawing courses teach you complex drawing skills. These teach using light and colour for more realistic representation, how to enhance visual appeal with shading techniques and texture, show hardness of surfaces in still life or landscapes and practice depicting soft and rough surfaces with the same techniques.

You’ll also learn to draw more detailed presentations using layering, tone and texture techniques, how to bring trees, leaves and scenery to life with layering, shading tones and contours and practice using texture and light and proportion and perspective.


Most people think of portraits and landscapes for learning to draw courses but some non-traditional courses help you develop special areas of expertise.

Animation, Cartoons & Comics

Learn fundamentals of creating your own characters. Practice posing and background techniques. Get an introduction to visual storytelling usable in designing video games or producing comic art.

Tattoo Artistry

Learn fundamental drawing skills for tattoo artists. Practice technical theories of colour and colour rendering. Develop your own individual style and proficiency in tattoo design. Create designs suitable to build your portfolio of tattoo designs.

Comic Books and Visual Storytelling

Exercises teach visual storytelling, character definition and growing creativity. Learn techniques depicting mood and character definition. Practice techniques for page layout and background design.

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