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Why study Finnish?

Taking up a language course is a great way to connect with other cultures. Languages open up new pathways in the brain and can look great on CVs and applications. Finnish is an excellent choice for those looking to learn a new language. It’s rare, precious and indeed challenging. 

Learning Finnish can present many opportunities to you, whether it’s in your career, travel or simply the skills you pick up along the way. Find the right course for you here on’s database. 

What will you study?

Courses in the Finnish language will help you learn with ease. There are many different types to choose form. 

For those who have never learned the language before, a beginners or level 1 course is the best option. After this, participants can move on to intermediate and advanced levels of the language. 

Some classes are offered online on a one to one basis for those who would prefer an intimate and private setting.

These classes cover general or business Finnish, depending on your needs. There is also the option of taking these classes in person.

Finnish classes are also offered online via Skype for groups, either closed or open for general or business Finnish. In-person, students can choose to set up private groups with their friends or family members who also may be looking to take up the language. 

Open groups can be a great way to meet others while practising your language skills. It can also help you build your confidence in speaking Finnish to people you don’t know. Starting off with individual classes before moving to a group class is a good idea if you are worried about your ability to pick the language up in a conversational setting. 

Where can you go from here?

Languages are a great option for those looking to take up a course to learn new skills. Most people will undertake a new language for travel purposes, to communicate with others using the language or to simply expand their knowledge. 

This being said, there are many options for those looking to progress with the language. The option of further study is always available. If you start at a beginners course, work your way up to an expert level. After this, there are many university or college options for you to consider. You could study Finnish on its own or you could study another subject alongside it.

In terms of career, you could go on to work in any field using the language. You could work as a translator or interpreter. There is also the option of working in the likes of the business sector while using Finnish or in media. You could also help others who start at the same level as you had to flourish in the language. Education and teaching in Finnish is an extremely fulfilling career path for those who like to help others as well as using languages. You could offer private tutoring as an additional gig to your full-time job too if you wanted to. 

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  1. Michael O'Connor 07/09/2022 at 23:50

    I now have a personal connection with Finland and wish to pursue a beginners language course. Could you point me to a beginners group for the autumn 2022 ( north Dublin area preferred). thanking you in advance, Michael

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