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FE1 – Learn the letter of the law with an FE1 Preparation Course

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a barrister, then you will need to pass your FE1 entrance exam. The Final Exam Part 1 is much like a ‘conversion’ course. If you want to work in the legal profession but did not take a law degree as an undergraduate, then you will need to pass this exam in order to qualify. FE1 Preparation Course will teach you all you need to know about the Final Exam Part 1.

The FE1 exam is only held twice a year, and is made up of 8 different law subjects. If you have not studied law before, then an FE1 Preparation Course is considered essential. While it is theoretically possible to pass the exam without taking the FE1 Preparation Course, it is a very complex topic. For this reason, extracting the maximum amount of help possible is a very good idea.

What happens after the course?

After you have taken the FE1 exam (and passed) then you will be required to become apprenticed to a master. This means that you will join a practicing solicitor for two years. Before you can do this however, you need to complete a professional practice course, which takes place at Blackhall place. It runs from October to April every year.

Once this period of apprenticeship is over, successful graduates can look forward to a rewarding career in law.

What should I expect from the FE1 Preparation course?

Unlike most university exams, the FE1 requires a different kind of answer than usual. One graduate of the course discussed the reason that an FE1 Preparation Course is a good idea.

“I think half the battle with the FE1 is understanding how to study for them. They are very different from my experience of exams in college. The answers are shorter and with significantly less case law. I had known going into the FE1 that knowledge of topics was to be less in-depth, more wide-ranging than those we had covered in UCD. I found that I had to cut out a load of cases, keeping my answers as concise and to the point as possible. This works excellently for some people, but for me it took a little bit of time to adjust.”

It does not take much research to understand that the FE1 is a very difficult exam to sit. For this reason alone, anyone who is considering converting to a career in law would be well advised to take a course.

Topics covered include:

  • Law of Contract
  • Law of Torts
  • Criminal Law
  • EU Law & Constitutional
  • Company Law & Equity Law
  • Property Law

These will give any candidate a strong knowledge of the law and how it is conducted, no matter what field of law it is in. It also makes the exam difficult to study for, however.

A FE1 Preparation Course can be taken in 12-13 weeks (around 3 months). There are classroom and online options, designed to fit around your schedule. It should be noted however, that whether or not you take the course remotely, an FE1 requires a large amount of free time to study for each individual paper. It should not be taken lightly. All course fees include access to relevant materials and study aids designed to help maximize your learning potential.

If you think you have the drive and the passion to make law your career, studying for the FE1 is a wonderful idea. Courses are short, but intense, which means that there does not need to be a long-term sacrifice in order to study for it. All providers have a fantastic track record in delivering fantastic education. Enrol today and get started on a fascinating and rewarding training course.

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  1. Behishta mohibi 07/09/2023 at 23:07

    Can I ask in which three months the training courses will be held?
    Also I am an undergraduate level 8 Business and Accounting student at the minute, how much discount will I receive!? I’m based on Donegal

    Kind regards

  2. Behishta 08/11/2023 at 03:58

    Hi would it be possible to work with a law firm and the law firm cover the fee of the course?

  3. Sylver Austin 19/01/2024 at 02:47

    I got a level 8 degree in international Relations.
    I think Law is my right career.
    Hoe long would it takes me to achieve my ambition and would susi support me financially?

  4. Mairead Reilly 15/02/2024 at 17:11

    You mentioned a 13 week FE1 preparedness course….is that for one FE1 or all 8??8 prep courses lasting 13 weeks each sounds OTT. Am I right or wrong?

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