Eyelash Courses

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Eyelash courses

Anyone who has ever tried to apply their own fake eyelashes knows it is not an easy job. Anyone who has ever been in to get their eyelashes enhanced knows that it can take a lot of work to get the perfect look. If you have ever wanted to try it for yourself, or extent your health and beauty talents, then why not take a short course in working with Eyelashes?

Eyelashes have been considered an important part of beauty since 1879, when James McCabe described cutting them in order to improve the appearance. Although there is evidence that people have enhanced their lashes since the days of the ancient Romans, it is more popular than ever today.

How does someone take a course in eyelashes?

This is a good question. Obviously, these courses are health and beauty courses. These Eyelash courses will help students learn more than just how to apply strip eyelashes. They will also help with the maintenance and the proper care of them once they have been added. Some courses will provide you with a recognised health and beauty qualification at the end of it.

Sometimes, a study in eyelashes will form part of a wider course in makeup and beauty. If you have ever dreamed of helping people to look their best, then this is a great place to start. If you have bigger dreams still and one day would like to work with the stars as a high-end beautician, then this is also a great skill to learn early on.

There is also a difference between providing false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, which are very different skills. An eyelash technician that works with the application of false lashes uses a bonding agent to attach the eyelash strips to the eyelid in order to give the appearance that the lashes are thicker and fuller than they were before. They are also very temporary in nature and are not designed to be worn for more than a short period of time.

On the other hand, eyelash extensions involve the application of individual lashes one by one. These are applied with a semi-permanent adhesive. Unlike the fake lashes, they are not designed to be attached to the skin, as the adhesive (normally cyanoacrylate) will irritate the skin. The eyelash extensions will remain in place until the lashes naturally fall out, which is normally 3 to 4 weeks after they were first applied. Monthly appointments can extend the lifetime however. This is a much more rigorous process than simply applying the strips of fake lashes, and therefore requires technicians to receive more training.

What can I expect to do when I finish?

If you have taken a course like this, there are two things you can do with it once you have finished. If you would like to work in the beauty industry – perhaps in a salon – then learning to provide this treatment – which is a common one, is important. If you have ever dreamed that one day you could run your own successful beauty salon, then a course like this one is the perfect place to begin.

If you would like to learn simply for yourself – to be able to apply perfect lashes for yourself (or your friends), then this course will also help you manage that. Whatever the reasons you decide to complete a course in eyelashes, with a great range of flexible Eyelash courses, the right one for you is near at hand. Learn to get the best look for you in just a few hours, and come away with a recognised qualification with a course in Eyelashes.

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  1. Anna fagan 10th July 2021 at 12:16 pm

    Hi, I want to learn the eyelash extensions, if you still teaching, please contact me 0863577168

  2. k.hunt220108 25th January 2023 at 12:40 pm

    i want to learn how to do lashes and lash lifts for an beginner

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