Electrolysis Courses

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Electrolysis courses

Electrolysis is a popular beauty treatment. Electrolysis courses teach how to remove bodily hair quickly and easily. For anyone looking to work in the health and beauty field, it is a very useful skill to learn.

Courses for electrolysis training are short and easy, which means that aspiring (or practicing) beauticians can easily gain an additional qualification and increase their employability.

So, what is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a treatment designed to remove individual hairs from the body (often focussing on the face). Modern electrolysis equipment uses chemicals or targeted heat to destroy the part of the hair follicle that causes the hair to grow. The leftover hair is then manually removed with a pair of tweezers. Most hair producing areas of the body can benefit from electrolysis treatment. Aside from a temporary reddening of the treated skin, there are no permanent side effects in the majority of cases. Electrolysis can often be considered by people looking to remove hair from places that are considered unsightly. This is normally the face and chin, and around the bikini line on women.

Hair growth is the result of several factors. Primarily, it is controlled by hormone levels, and genetic factors. However, on top of this, other forms of hair removal, illness and some medication can trigger increased amounts of hair growth in people. Once the electrolysis treatments are completed (which often takes several weeks of repeat visits), the hair will be permanently removed and will not regrow.

Electrolysis facts

Electrolysis is not painful. Although some patients do report feeling discomfort when undergoing treatment, generally the technique is painless. Topical anaesthesia can be provided in some cases. It is much less painful than waxing. It is also quicker and easier than the time-consuming wax hair removal process.

Electrolysis treatment is the only permanent method of hair removal recognised by the FDA in the United States. While some people believe that the electric tweezer method is also permanent, it is, in fact, only temporary. It is also a better treatment overall than temporary methods of hair removal, as over time, the number of chemicals present in hair removal creams can have an adverse effect on the body. In some cases, this can lead to the
discoloration of skin.

Home electrolysis kits are available for purchase, but without the proper training they are difficult and can be dangerous to use. If you are interested in learning how to use a kit for personal use, then a course in electrolysis can be a great way to mitigate the dangers of home use.

What can I do once I’ve finished my electrolysis course?

Once you have completed a course in electrolysis, you are qualified to deliver the treatment in a professional setting, you will be able to give patients advice and treatment in a beauty salon, or even on a home visit. Patients will value your education, and it will often help draw additional clients to you.

Employers will also be impressed by your electrolysis training. If you are looking to start out in the world of health and beauty, then proving you are competent is very important. Likewise, if you are already working as a beauty practitioner, expanding your skill base makes you much more valuable to employers. If you have ever dreamed of starting your own salon, being able to deliver treatments yourself will save having to pay for additional members of staff to come in and provide the services.

Whatever your reasons for taking a course in electrolysis, with a range of quick and easy courses, you can be provided high quality beauty treatments in no time at all.

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