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Think about how often you are online, whether it is watching streaming video, checking Facebook, or watching that funny YouTube video. When it comes to being online, people are online almost double the amount of time they were 12 years ago. Print media has declined over the past several years to make way for digital media. Marketing strategies shifted to address the digital arena. So to keep up, learn the skills required from digital marketing courses.

Digital marketing courses teach about all types of digital channels. Google Search and social media platforms are part of digitally marketing to your customers. Offering eBooks and consolidated instruction fall into this marketing arena. Email campaigns and even the design of your website are also a way to attract customers. Marketing connects you with your customers, and the digital space allows you to interact with them and, therefore increase your visibility.

How it works

Digital marketing comes down to three areas: firstly, developing a strategy to communicate; secondly, the ways to communicate and, finally analysing results for optimal sales. Learners build their competencies and skills to better market to customers.

Learn Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing courses will teach you how to effectively use inbound marketing. Understand the components of your ‘buyer persona’. This helps when creating an online marketing strategy for your business. – you will also learn how defining the perfect customer gets you to the correct content, and which digital platform matches each type of customer.

You’ll learn the various ways to drive traffic to your website, understand how blogs, ebooks, social media and other assets attract potential customers and you’ll learn how each one benefits your digital strategy.

Other subjects taught will include how to develop programmes to analyze the results using specialised analytic software such as SEO and PPC tools. With this type of software, learn how a potential customer has found your website, how many pages they visited and how long they spent browsing. Statistics such as the kind of device was used and the customer’s geolocation are available through analytics software.

Learn how to use this information when determining which part of your strategy needs improvement. For example, if a small percentage of customers found you using a search engine, you’ll learn how to optimise the content on your website.

Using Social Media in your Strategy

This channel of marketing has grown over the past years. With more people on Facebook, Twitter, and the various social media tools available, it’s overwhelming. Digital marketing courses teach you about the different platforms.

And learning to develop a baseline for which platforms are the most relevant is a must in your strategy. Understanding and creating business cases about social media campaigns help grow the skills needed for effective marketing for digital customers. Finally, learn about using those social media tools to get valuable feedback from customers. This helps make your business and strategy that much stronger.

Sales Optimisation in Your Strategy

These types of courses teach ways to develop programmes that ensure the strategy meets the goals of the business. Understand the impact of pictures and images in relation to your content. In addition, learn the value of quality content when attracting potential customers. And learn about split testing or A/B testing to determine which page or product gets the most clicks.

Learn to create a programme for testing site content to ensure your strategy is effective. Using analytics software, learn how many people visited specific content and downloaded it. Understand how with this information, you generate leads and follow-up activities to grow your business. Practice with case studies and assessments to understand the effectiveness of your strategy.

Learning to effectively communicate with your customers online is what digital marketing is all about. Developing a strategy, understanding the benefits of social media and optimising the sales channel are all topics for digital marketing courses.

Learn more with a course in digital marketing. Find digital marketing courses near you on Courses.ie.

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