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Did you know that the global demand for cyber-security specialists is expected to rise to six million by 2019? Furthermore, there is currently a shortfall of 1.5 million specialists. The rise in demand for cyber security experts is attributed to the increasing threat posed by cybercriminals. Cybersecurity courses examine the technologies, processes and practices used to safeguard networks, hardware, programs and data from attack or unlawful access.

Courses in Cybersecurity

There are a number of cybersecurity courses available at certificate, diploma and degree level to become a specialist in this area.  A full-time BSc degree in Cybersecurity or IT security offers modules in digital, mobile and network forensics. In addition, students may choose to specialise at masters degree level in digital investigation, forensic computing and cybercrime. Applicants to the master’s programmes are required to have a background in computer science, information technology or a related discipline.

There are also a number of professional training courses available for those working as IT administrators and database/network managers, designed to equip IT teams with the tools they need to identify and prevent cyber attacks.

What will you study?

Degree programmes in cybersecurity cover all areas of cybercrime and digital investigations. Students will study the law regarding cybercrime and know how to process a crime scene. They will study digital forensic science and learn how to recover and investigate hidden data and other materials found in digital devices.

Students will learn how to apply crime scene search techniques, manage evidence and interview witnesses. They will also become acquainted with preparing legal reports for future court proceedings.

In addition, students will learn the procedures for identifying a suspected cybercrime and develop skills to deal with incidents. They will also use reverse engineering techniques to disassemble applications and hardware in order to identify solutions.

They will also learn best practices in auditing and compliance, have the skills to implement a robust firewall and safeguard networks and hardware against intrusion. Furthermore, they will be able to perform in-depth analysis and be familiar with cloud computing and virtualization. 

Students learn through a mix of classroom and computer lab-based learning. Some courses offer students the option of studying online or joining in live class discussions through video conference.

Careers in Cybersecurity

If you would like to work as a cyber security specialist, engineer, analyst or manager you will need to have a qualification in cybersecurity either at undergraduate or post-graduate level.

In Ireland and abroad, there is currently an upsurge in demand for cybersecurity specialists. Specifically in the area of cloud security. Hence, experts in their fields can expect a good remuneration and excellent career prospects.

Organisations of all sizes now handle more sensitive information than at any other time in the past. Large systems need dedicated teams helping to protect that information.  They need people who know how to prevent a hack and implement robust defence mechanisms.

The top five industries who employ these specialists are the Financial industry (banking, finance, insurance), Information Technology/Management, Government (Defense and Police) and Consulting/Professional Services.

Cybersecurity specialists can continue to take certifications to boost their earning potential and keep up to date on the latest developments in cybersecurity. Furthermore, CISCO awards the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification upon successful completion of an exam.

Find cybersecurity courses near you in Courses.ie’s national courses database.

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      There are a large number of courses which either cover, or specialise in, this field. They are all online here:


      Then just select the course that suits you the best and book in through the training provider. Best of luck!

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