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Build for the future with a qualification in construction!

There are few careers more futureproof than a career in the construction industry. Due to the sheer number of different job types available within the industry, there are a great many ways to qualify.

Construction as a whole deals with building new structures – some might be residential in nature, while others could be industrial. Commercial properties are also a frequent source of construction projects. Whether you want to construct entire new buildings from scratch or simply work on restoration or extensions on existing ones, there is plenty for construction
workers to do.

What sort of construction jobs are there?

There are dozens of different jobs on a construction site. Whether you want to work as a bricklayer or a paver, as an architect or a lawyer, the construction industry is enormous.

The first thing to decide is whether or not you would like to actually work on site. If the work of construction is what you are interested in, there are several options to choose from.
These include:

  • Bricklaying – putting down the actual bricks is a skilled trade – there is more to it than simply making a nice stack of bricks and standing back. Qualifying as a bricklayer is quick and easy, and once you graduate, then you will be able to find work on most sites with most employers.
  • Equipment operator – most construction sites use large, specialist plant equipment to help with the work. Whether you would like to work with a large cement mixer, operating a crane or scaffolding, there are many specialised jobs that involve work with complex machinery.
  • Carpentry – wood is an essential element of building to this day. Being able to work with wood in a specialist environment, dealing with precise measurements and angles is a highly in demand trade, both on major construction sites and small, private works.
  • Electrician – There are precious few buildings in this day and age that do not require an electrical connection. Knowing how to safely install and operate the complex systems of electrics in modern buildings is a trade that can keep you in work your whole life
  • Management – building teams are normally composed of dozens of workers. Major construction projects will often employ hundreds of people to work on site. Learning to manage a busy building site is a valuable skill that is highly regarded by almost any employer.
  • Design – building need to be carefully designed prior to their construction. Training as an architect, while time consuming and difficult to do, is well worth the trouble.

What can I expect from a career in construction?

Construction workers are almost always in demand. Even in times of recession, when major buildings cease work and large government contracts are harder to come by, the skills you learn on a construction will keep you in work. Smaller private renovations on homes and businesses are almost always in high demand and working as a self-employed tradesman is an excellent source of income.

As construction work is a trade, they normally command much higher wages than similar jobs. Even if you are not working in management or design, construction workers can expect excellent rates of pay.

Construction work is a reward career, that can help keep you in excellent shape, stay in work and provide a great source of income. With more than 100 different courses available, there is sure to be something within the industry that is suited to you. With a range of short courses, there is also time to train alongside your current job. Consider a career in construction and you will never be disappointed.

Jessica Hetley

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