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Ever wanted to work in the IT industry? Then consider a CompTIA qualification a vital step on the way to achieving your dream. First introduced as a certificate to prove competency to potential employers, it is a course designed to help you work with whatever equipment you are provided with. This is called ‘vendor neutral’. All successful graduates are qualified for up to 3 years, before they must retake their CompTIA certification for it to remain valid.

CompTIA is a US body that has designed a special range of qualifications, designed to act as the industry standard for the IT world. Because the test is standardised, there are a wide variety of different courses available that means you can work alongside your training and get the most from your new qualification.

What is CompTIA?

CompTIA certifications were first created in 1998. They were designed to be accepted by employers at the same level as the ANSI A+ qualification that had traditionally been used by IT technicians prior to this date. The certification was created to allow graduates to prove to employers that they had sufficient knowledge to successfully carry out everything that would be expected of them after a normal period of training.

Their qualification is considered the industry standard today for anyone looking to start a
career in IT. Available qualifications include:

  • Basic Certification
    o This certifies the graduate to understand basic IT principles and terminology. It is the first rung on the ladder towards the more prestigious ‘A+ Certification’
  • A+ is the accreditation from the American National Standard Institute or ANSI. This certifies a technician to have entry-level abilities. For any students looking to begin their career in IT, this is the qualification to aim for, as it will open the greatest number of doors. It is valid for a maximum of 3 years, before recertification must occur.
  • Cloud+ deals with IT works who use cloud-based computing, such as Kubernetes to create digital storage solutions.
  • CSA+ is for potential cybersecurity experts. This allows graduates to work in an emerging industry with ANSI-backed qualifications.
  • Linux+ for aspiring Linux developers. Redesigned in 2010, it teaches the basics behind open-source and free software, and how to implement massive open coding projects.
  • Network+ for technicians who want to work inside large-scale IT systems that require a dedicated network administrator.
  • Security+ the lower-end security version of CSA+. This is best suited to people who wish to work within a smaller network setting and defend their networks against attack.
  • Project+ for project management within the IT sector.
  • Server+ is designed to help IT technicians working within a server-specific environment. The course was overhauled in 2009 to reflect changes within server operations.

Each course has 3 key sections:

  • Theory
    o This cover discussing the terminology and theoretical design of the relevant area of IT
  • Hardware
    o As CompTIA certifications are Vendor Neutral, learning about all kinds of software forms a major part of each qualification.
  • Software
    o The Software is obviously extremely important to IT, so students will learn how to harness specific software.

Courses are designed to be vendor neutral, so there is no reliance on a specific brand of software or hardware in order to graduate. This will give you the best possible training by providing the widest scope.

What can I do when I finish?

Once you have gained your CompTIA certification, you will be qualified to work in the relevant field of IT. You will be able to prove to employers that you are able to handle the rigours of the job and can look forward to a successful career as an IT technician.

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