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Talent Garden

Talent Garden Dublin, Claremont Avenue Glasnevin, Botanic, Dublin D11 YNR2, Ireland, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland

Are you looking to develop and upskill in digital? Look no further then Talent Garden, now listed on

About Talent Garden Innovation School

Talent Garden Innovation School provides practical, industry-led training across all areas of digital and innovation. By putting people at the centre through a cutting-edge training methodology, our Innovation School brings new cultures and skills into businesses and offers upgrades and updates to those operating in the working environment.

Our bootcamps offer compact 18-week courses in a range of technology areas such as Digital Sales and Marketing, UX Design and Data Science. These practically focused, industry-driven and expert-lead courses equip professionals with the skills needed to take their career to the next level.

About Talent Garden

Talent Garden is the leading European digital innovation hub and co-working ecosystem. Founded in Brescia, Italy, Talent Garden has now grown its network across 18 European cities and is hosting over 3,500 digital professionals in 23 campuses across 8 countries. Unlike real estate driven international co-working operators, Talent Garden puts education and innovation at its core in developing its tech community. It focuses on new ways to transform and connect the flexible work and education environments that are being demanded by digital entrepreneurs and businesses undergoing digital transformation.

AI Ready

Don’t be left behind. Make your organisation AI Ready. We are in the golden age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and already it is changing every sector and aspect of our lives. Whether it is education, healthcare or transportation, with the help of AI your business will evolve rapidly. Without AI your products, markets and customers are…

Data Science

Breaking into Data Science This 18 week bootcamp teaches you the skills you need to deliver data science projects effectively. The first 12 weeks cover core skills and concepts in data science whilst advancing to topics like deep learning and natural language processing to enable you to meet modern business needs. Every week, you’ll do…

Data Science in Practice

This 2-day Data Science in Practice Masterclass takes data professionals into specialist topics in a way that delivers real-world practical skills you can immediately use. Learn core skills around data manipulation and visualisation in R, see how to surface machine learning models you build in interactive dashboards for your whole organisation to consume, understand deep…

Digital Sales & Marketing

This bootcamp has been developed by practicing industry experts and is designed to build skills in branding, engagement, real-time content marketing, data-driven decision making and the science behind sales in the age of digital transformation. You will learn to execute strategies that exploit new business opportunities through the sales function. This involves identifying and qualifying…

Executive Mindset

Mindset is a bold new course with a bolder aim; to enhance and bring about a positive change in thinking and behaviour among managers who lead and want to build more creative and collaborative teams in an ultra-competitive digital world. The idea behind this course is that human behaviour is driven by passion. However, our…

UX Design

Master brilliant basics of UX design and how to create impactful, purposeful and beautiful design. This 18-week UX Design bootcamp has been designed to teach the brilliant basics of user experience design used to produce impactful, purposeful and beautiful design. The first 12 weeks immerses participants in the key skills and concepts that make great…