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Institute of Health Sciences

13 Upper Baggot Street, 2nd Floor, Dublin, Ireland

Institute of Health Sciences runs courses, training courses and evening classes in nutrition, stress management, health, wellness, sports nutrition in Dublin 2.

We believe that a healthy, nutritious diet and health promoting lifestyle is the key to long-lasting health and vitality and our courses and training programmes teach this to our students. Every individual should aim for optimum, not average, health.

Choosing a course is the first step to a new career or a new way of life so it is important that you choose the college that will provide you with the best training course to suit your needs and will support you throughout your studies. Institute of Health Sciences has over 250 students currently enrolled on our courses. We pride ourselves on the support that we offer our students throughout their time with us and also after they graduate. To date, over 500 students have graduated from Institute of Health Sciences, including more than 200 Nutritional Therapists.

There is a distinct and very real need for nutrition and health experts who have been trained using the functional medicine and health and wellness coaching models in the West. We run courses and training programmes to teach students to the highest standard so they are equipped to enter the healthcare arena and work with individuals to maximise their health potential.

At Institute of Health Sciences, we constantly monitor quality on our courses. We use a combination of both teacher centred and student centred learning approaches on our courses, to ensure students feel confident in our expertise and supported in their studies, particularly at the beginning of their chosen course, but ensuring they leave IHS as independent thinkers and confident practitioners.

For more information about the courses we run at Institute of Health Sciences, view the details below in’s Course Finder.

Diploma in Coaching and Behavioural Change

This unique one year, blended learning course gives current healthcare professionals a chance to develop essential and highly effective new skills whilst gaining 2 individual professional qualifications ideally suited to the modern healthcare arena. It incorporates practitioner training in both NLP (specially tailored for healthcare professionals) and Health and Wellness Coaching, with additional modules in stress…

IHS Certificate in Stress Management

The IHS Certificate in Stress Management examines the sources and cumulative impact of both psychological and physical stressors – for example electromagnetic smog, over-exercise, over eating vs malnutrition and anxiety. It explores the Functional Medicine perspective on chronic and acute stress, its effects on the hormonal system, particularly the adrenal glands, plus diseases associated with stress.…

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

This internationally recognised, Ofqual approved, regulated qualification UK level 4 (Irish level 6), CMA and FNTP registered 1 academic year course is ideal for individuals who wish to gain an academically certified and industry recognised qualification with practical knowledge of diet and nutrition. It is designed for those wishing to coach and inspire individuals and groups towards long term diet…

Nutritional Therapy

This comprehensive 3½ year practitioner training diploma, written up to UK level 6 (Irish level 7), provides practical and interactive lectures alongside structured home study and over 250 hours of clinical practice supervised by some of the most respected Nutritional Therapists from Ireland and the UK. Our syllabus is written to cover the UK Nutritional Therapy…


Institute of Health Sciences
13 Upper Baggot Street
2nd Floor, Dublin
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