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Digital Skills Academy

Crane St,, The Digital Hub,, Dublin City South, Dublin, Ireland

Digital Skills Academy is an established, innovative leader of industry-linked, online digital skills courses, training, higher education & digital skills training programmes for working professionals in the digital skills sectors across the world.

Founded in 2008 by educator and entrepreneur Paul Dunne, Digital Skills Academy is an established, innovative leader of digital industry-linked higher education & training programmes.

The Academy’s headquarters is located in a historic district of Dublin, Ireland, beside the famous Guinness brewery and surrounded by like-minded organisations pioneering the digital revolution in the Digital Hub. The area has a world renowned reputation for fuelling the tech economy with exciting start-ups, digital entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

It is amongst this digital inspiration and innovation that the Digital Skills Academy produces it’s ground-breaking online BSc Degrees, which are now available online and accessible from anywhere in the world.

For more information about digital media courses at the Digital Skills Academy, select the course links on this page.

Applied Design Technologies Part I

This course addresses Applied Design Technologies by introducing the theory and knowledge of graphic design production for the web. Participants will learn how to design and edit graphics and imagery, examine how to devise layouts for the web, develop hands-on techniques with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and gain a comprehensive understanding of the different types…

Applied Design Technologies Part II

This course builds on the knowledge gained in the Applied Design Technologies Part I course and addresses graphic design production for the web and mobile devices. Participants will learn advanced design techniques for graphics and imagery for such devices and understand how to devise layouts for responsive websites, social media and mobile applications. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge regarding graphic formats, learn advanced features of Adobe Photoshop…

Big Data Visualisation
Big Data Visualisation is a course run by Digital Skills Academy, Dublin. It is a Online Learning course with a duration of 6 weeks plus final assessment. For more information about Big Data Visualisation at Digital Skills Academy, please review the details below.
Data Science

This online Data Science is listed on and taught by Digital Skills Academy. The course introduces participants to Data Science concepts, principles of statistical analysis, data interpretation techniques, aspects of probability models, data cleaning and manipulation, pattern recognition and learning and statistical methods. Participants will use the Python Programming language to solve work-based big data…

HTML5 Design Technologies

Taught by an industry expert lecturer, the course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to design, structure and produce HTML5 content. Participants will discover the features and benefits including styling and layout with CSS, creating interactivity with JavaScript, integrating HTML5 video, developing animation with CSS3, designing responsive layouts with Bootstrap and understanding how…

Mobile and Device Development Part I

Mobile and Device Development is the process required to write and implement applications for digital devices. This course addresses the theory and techniques needed to define and undertake Mobile Development. You will look at various approaches for mobile development and identify the methodologies and implementation techniques necessary to package and deploy mobile web applications to app…

Mobile and Device Development Part II

By building on the theoretical knowledge gained in the Front-End Web Development and Mobile and Device Development Part I courses, this course enables you to work with advanced theories and techniques to build robust and agile mobile web applications ready for deployment to various app stores. Taught by an industry expert lecturer, the course examines in greater…

MVC Application Frameworks

Whether you are looking to become a developer or want to expand your knowledge in this specialist field for your organisation and/or external clients, this course will enable you to develop a modern web application in PHP language using the ubiquitous Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architecture pattern. Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a popular design pattern used to implement time-efficient and…

Programming for Big Data Part I

The course on Programming for Big Data enables participants to analyse different languages to tackle Big Data projects and solve any emerging issues in a professional and creative manner. The course addresses Programming for Big Data by providing participants with an understanding of Big Data fundamentals and gaining technical proficiency in Python, Hadoop and R…

User Interface Design

The User Interface Design course enables participants to devise the optimal way to present information to end users via desktop and mobile devices. Taught by an industry expert, the course gives participants the opportunity to look at User Interface Design from the user’s point of view, focusing on their needs and usability requirements. Participants will…

Web and Device Programming

Programming for the web & devices is one of the most in-demand skills in the digital workplace. Whether you are looking to become a developer or expand your knowledge in this specialist field, the Web & Device Programming course will provide you with the skills and practical experience to build dynamic and ready-to-launch websites. The…

Web Graphics Design and Production

The course addresses Web Graphics Design and Production by providing participants with the knowledge and skills needed to design, edit and publish graphics, images and texts. Participants will learn how to devise layouts for the web and gain hands-on techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The course will also cover ideation techniques to help participants…


Digital Skills Academy
Crane St,
The Digital Hub,, Dublin City South, Dublin
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