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Coaching for Success

Maple Lodge, Lacken., Blessington, Blessington, Wicklow, Ireland

Become a certified career coach with the Academy of Professional Leadership Training and Coaching.

Grainne Carrickford Kingston is an experienced Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Facilitator and Consultant with a proven track record in Business and Executive Coach Training and Leadership and Management Development.

She is Managing Director of the Academy of Professional Leadership Training and Coaching who offer a national and international accredited Coach Training Diploma programme, a suite of Leadership and Management Development Training Programmes and Personal Development Courses.

Tailored 1-1 coaching sessions are also available to embed the training, navigate the individual’s career pathand potential, or as an alternative solution to a business need.

Grainne holds a MA in Coaching & Mentoring Practice (Oxford-Brookes), is an Accredited Life Coach (Distinction) LCA and has been awarded a Certificate in Training and Development (Merit) with the Irish Institute of Training and Development. In addition, she has achieved an ICM accredited Diploma in Leadership Skills (Distinction) and a Certificate in Occupational Testing (Level A & Level B Intermediate) from the British Psychological Society that allows her to work with psychometric tools, which are valuable to use in 1-1 career coaching sessions and for personal and professional development.

She is an organizational member with the prestigious Association for Coaching (AC), a Master Coach with the Life and Business CoachingAssociation of Ireland (LBCAI) and a founding member of the Coaching Psychology Group in Ireland.  She is also a Fellow of the Irish Institute of Training and Development.

Born in Edinburgh she has lived in Ireland for most of her life. For many years she worked as a Personal Assistant and Secretary within the Health and Tourism industries.

Since 1997 she and her associates have trained and worked extensively in the field of Business, Executive and Personal CoachingLeadership Training and Coaching and Career Development. Some of the Organizations they have worked with include British Sky Broadcasting (SKY), Irish Life, Abbott Laboratories, St. Vincent de Paul, Sage Ireland, Intervet Shearing Plough, VHI and Allied Irish Banks.

The Academy of Professional Leadership Training & Coaching’s Mission Statement is:

“To inspire and develop talent and potential through providing high quality, innovative Training and Coaching.”


Our Vision is:

“To encourage and empower individuals through innovative Training and Coaching to identify their passion and values, and to use their talents, skills and potential to achieve their ambitions and progress their careers.”

Our Values are:

  • To empower individuals to develop their talent and fulfill their potential;
  • To impart expertise, skills and experience;
  • To encourage individuals to align with their passion and their values;
  • To be dedicated to standards of excellence and best practice;
  • To advocate integrity and ethics in all that we do;

The Academy of Professional Leadership Training & Coaching abide by the Life & Business Coaching Association of Ireland’s and the Association for Coaching’s Code of Ethics and Good Practice.

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Coaching for Success
Maple Lodge, Lacken.
Blessington, Blessington, Wicklow
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