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Cabinteely Community School

Johnstown Road, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Cabinteely Adult Education is based in Cabinteely Community School in the heart of Cabinteely, Dublin 18. We offer over 75 courses, evening classes, morning classes and adult education courses in Cabinteely, Dublin 18.

In addition to our extensive range of over 75 evening classes, we are delighted to introduce a number of QQI (FETAC) Level 5 certification courses, some of which we have been providing by day for over 20 years. Our QQI evening courses support those in employment, those who would like to upskill, develop back to work skills or want to start their own business.

We prepare participants for jobs by providing courses, skills, knowledge, competence and confidence required to work in their chosen sector. Our courses also prepare students for progression to further studies as successful students may apply through the Higher Education Links Scheme to a range of third-level courses. Each of our certificates comprise of a two year part-time course involving eight modules – four modules per year over two nights per week.

For more information about the classes and courses run at Cabinteely Community School, view our courses below in the Course Finder or contact us for more details.


This Level 5 Course is designed to help the student to understand the principles and practice of maintaining financial records manually and using integrated accounting software. It is designed for those with a basic knowledge of computers and an interest in accounting. It is designed to support the learner in being able to carry out…

Art (Oil Painting for Beginners)

A ten step Art course introducing the basic elements of painting with oils. Materials list is provided contact the office if booking online. Tutor: Brian O Farrell  

Art (Simply Drawing)

This Drawing class will run Wednesday evenings at Cabinteely Community School from January 2018. No. Its not magic! Simply a series of structured drawing classes. Designed to suit beginners and those who want to improve their skills further. Materials list is provided – contact office if booking online. Tutor: Caroline O’Farrell

Art (Watercolours for Beginners)

Explore painting with practical step-by-step exercises and easy techniques. Drawing skills not necessary. Materials list provided on enrolment. Tutor: Katrin OShea

Art (Watercolours Improvers course)

Develop your own style and taste. Choose your own themes and experiment with more advanced techniques and combinations with other mediums like acrylic paints or pen. Materials list provided on enrolment. Tutor: Katrin OShea

Art History

A brief overview of art from beginnings to modern times, and also a detailed look at the work of some artists. Through a careful reading of art, we can better understand our common history. A key objective is to help you derive more from your gallery visits home and abroad. Gallery visit(s) included. Tutor: J.…

Bridge (Beginners Phase 2 Morning course)

For those who have a basic knowledge of Bridge. If you can count to 13 you can learn to play Bridge! As a social game, Bridge is unparalleled. Bridge is for all ages, a card game that will bring you great pleasure for life. Tutor: Ann ORourke.

Bridge (Beginners Phase 2)

If you can count to 13 you can learn to play Bridge! As a social game, Bridge is unparalleled. Bridge is for all ages, a card game that will bring you great pleasure for life. Tutor – Ann O’Rourke

Bridge for Improvers

Now you know the basics of bridge play. Come along and improve your system and card play. Tutor: Ann ORourke.

Car Maintenance

Learn the basics of car maintenance in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. NCT checks covered. Tutor has over 47 years experience. Tutor: Henry Harris.

Computers for Beginners

Learn the basics about using your home computer. File storage and management, MS Word exercises, Email attachments and Internet. Tutor: Carol Whelan

Computers for Improvers

Learn more about using your home computer. MS Word: letters, clip art, tables. MS Excel: charts & formulas. MS PowerPoint: creating and animating slides. Email attachments and Internet usage and security. Tutor: Brendan ONeill

Cookery - Cake Decorating - Sugarcraft for Beginners

This course involves cakes (recipes), line tins properly, almond paste, roll out icing, crimping and piping with royal icing, sugar paste flowers, small figures, how to do plaques and cut out work. List of tools supplied on the first night. Tutor: Rosaleen Keenan

Cookery - Sweet Home Baking course

Practical demonstrations and hands on baking. NEW RECIPES – Enjoy making millionaires squares, carrot cake, tray bakes, rich chocolate gateaux, cheesecakes and much more. Suits all levels of ability. Tutor: Sharon Burrell

Cooking Beginners course

Learn to cook economical meals with flair for family and friends. Hands on practical demonstration. Ingredients not included. Tutor: Bill Garrioch

Creative Writing Beginners course

Fun-filled class with lots of practical tips and exercises on how to get those creative juices flowing. Learn about plot, character, setting, theme and style. Tutor: Veronica Casey

Creative Writing Improvers course

Suitable for people who have already had some practical experience with creative writing. Each course is tailored to the participants on the course. Peer reviews are encouraged throughout, and advice on how to improve your writing skills will be given. Tutor: Veronica Casey.

Dance - Ballroom and Latin Dancing - Beginners

Designed for beginners. Learn to Waltz, Tango, Jive, Cha-Cha and Foxtrot for social occasions, weddings and fun! Tutor: E. Monaghan.

Dance - Ballroom and Latin Dancing - Improver's

Quickstep, Waltz, Tango, Jive and Salsa for weddings, social evenings and special occasions.

Digital Photography Beginners

Basic Digital Photography course. Bring your DSLR camera. Course given by a professional photographer. Tutor: Caroline DArcy

DIY - Do It Yourself

Practical hands-on course. Covers all aspects of basic home D.I.Y. including woodwork, plumbing, tiling. Tutor: David Groves

Floral Design - Flower Arranging

Floristry, from classical to contemporary…. This exciting 10 week course will cover all the basic skills of floristry. During the course students will learn how to make hand tied bouquets, table centres, wedding flowers and seasonal arrangements. Tutor: Siobhan Harrison

Folk Guitar - Beginners

This course is a step by step introduction to playing accompaniment guitar. The course covers the main chords. Emphasis on basic songs, use of capo, and timing. Tutor: Dermot Byrne

French - Beginners 1

This course is for Beginners. It will cover all the basic French youll need in everyday situations, from talking about yourself to booking a room, buying food or finding your way around. Emphasis is on spoken language. Tutor: Catherine McGovern

Golf - Beginners

Practical tips and advice from the professional. All Golf students are entered into a competition for one free golf lesson with the Tutor (Includes 3 trips to Driving Range). Tutor: Billy Kinsella

Healing Yoga

Stretch, breathe, relax, unwind, connect with your body and find inner peace with a soothing blend of Hatha Yoga and Aura-Soma. Suits beginners and seasoned practitioners. Tutor Marie Angeline Lascaux

Intermediate Spanish

Intermediate Spanish classes, Wednesday nights at Cabinteely Community School. For those who have completed Improvers. Improve your Spanish with relevant role play, conversation and games. Tutor: Cristina Arizaga

Italian - Beginners 1

The most effective way to learn Italian is to join the class and you will learn Italian with fun, interactive and culturally relevant lessons! Text book to be purchased is Contatto 1A (Corso di italiano per stranieri, Livello Principianti A1, Loescher). Materials supplied. Tutor: Andrea Francesco Manno

Italian - Improvers 1

For those who have completed Beginners.  

Italian - Intermediate

For those who have completed Improvers. Keep up your Italian with conversation, games, role play and text book. Pick it up wherever you left off! Materials supplied. Fun class. Tutor: Andrea Francesco Manno


For those who have experience of meditation. Tutor: Veronica Coughlan.

Mindfullness - Mindful Living - Beginners

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Enhance wellbeing bring joy and happiness into your life. Tutor: Veronica Coughlan


The purpose of this award is to provide the student with the knowledge, skills and competence to operate and maintain accurate payroll records using manual and computerised systems for an organisation, working under general direction and supervision. It is designed to support the learner who wishes to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain…

Photography (Basic Digital Photography)

For the budding photographer! Lessons ranging from light, exposure, composition, equipment, landscape and portraiture to downloading your files and editing photos. Bring your DSLR camera. Course given by a professional photographer. Tutor: Caroline DArcy

Pilates for all levels

Pilates strengthens and stretches the muscles, achieving good posture, a strong back and a flat stomach. Please wear loose clothing and bring a soft mat. Tutor: Eliza Rzepko

Pilates for all levels (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Pilates is a mind/ body conditioning programme that targets the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine to improve overall core stability and posture. Pilates mat classes teach you how to strengthen and stabilise the spine while positively changing the shape of your body. Tired of that ache in your back? Tired of feeling…


Learn basic methods of hand building, modelling, throwing and glazing. Make functional or decorative objects and sculptures. Students may choose their own personal projects. Tutor: Valerie Coombes


This course is designed for learners who wish to progress from a QQI Level 5 to a QQI Level 6 qualification. The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the theory and practice underpinning the education and care of those who present with special educational needs…


The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the practices and principles underpinning the role of a Special Needs Assistant to enable the learner to work effectively under direction in a special needs assisting capacity.   Tutor: Denise O’ Carroll

Spanish Beginners 1

Getting the basics to communicate in Spanish using games, role play, interactive and fun classes. Text book to be purchased is Ele Initial 1. Tutor: Cristina Arizaga

Spanish class (Advanced)

Improve your level of Spanish. Emphasis on conversation and grammar. Tutor: Isabel Morales-Duffy.

Spanish Improvers 1

For those who completed Beginners and want to improve basic Spanish skills with role play, conversation and games. Tutor: Cristina Arizaga

Stained Glass

Make unusual, colourful keepsakes or gifts by creating individual pieces to decorate your home and garden. No experience of glass cutting is necessary. Clear glass and materials supplied. The only limitation is your imagination! Tutor: Bernie Norris

Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Explore the ancient Daoist arts of Tai Chi & Qi Gong in a relaxed atmosphere. Learn how to be centred and to release stress and anxiety using simple but powerful techniques. Suitable for all ages. Tutor: Neal Traynor

Transform Your Home

Learn all the tips and tools of a professional interior designer in a relaxed, fun atmosphere! We might even up-cycle! Space planning, lighting, colour and tricks of the trade will equip you to draw plans, and design any room in your house. Tutor: Gwen Kenny

Wood Carving

Bring the oldest form of woodworking back to life. Basic projects for beginners. More advanced projects for improvers. Suitable for all ages. Course is delivered by qualified Woodwork Instructor Limited to 8 students. Tutor: Billy Egginton

Yoga Beginners

Yoga stretch and relaxation through postures, breathing and meditation. Come and improve your flexibility, general health, and well being. Students need to wear loose clothing and bring a mat. Tutor: Frankie Heaney

Yoga for all levels

Yoga for all levels begins Wednesday September 20th at Cabinteely Community School. 3170 – Tutor Audrey Williams: Improve posture and flexibility and create freedom of movement in joints. Emphasis on breath work to still the mind and relax the entire body.  

Yoga for Improvers

Yoga for Improvers evening classes begin September 18th at Cabinteely Community School. Asana breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation for those with experience of Yoga. Wear loose clothing and bring a mat and blanket. Tutor: Miriam Brady

Yoga for the over 50s (Active Retired)

Suitable for people with common ailments ie osteoporosis, back problems, MS, arthritis, blood pressure, etc. Also excellent for people suffering from insomnia. Come and improve your flexibility, health, and well being. Bring a mat. Tutor: Frankie Heaney

Zumba (All Levels)

Zumba classes delivered by Cabinteely Community School on Monday evenings. Ditch the workout, join the party! Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a one of a kind fitness programme. Experience an absolute blast in one exciting hour of calorie-burning, body-energising, awe-inspiring movements. Tutor: Susana Murphy