Care of the Older Person

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What is the study of care of the older person?

Courses in the study of care of the older person are designed to enable the learner to become competent, efficient and effective when it comes to the care of the elderly. The study of one of these courses will teach the learner how to develop the skills needed to work in a variety of settings such as nursing homes, hospitals and home help support. 

Why should I study care of the older person?

If you have  a desire to  work in adult social care in any capacity a course in care of the older person is a great starting point. Learners in these courses will have access to teaching in a wide range of areas such as

  • personal development 
  • Communication
  • health and safety. 

A course in care of the older person is a great way to get to grips with the concept behind preparing for work in this field. These courses are also appropriate for those who may want to enhance their existing skills and knowledge of their current job role.

What are the aims of these courses?

Courses in care of the older person aim to develop a range of personal and interpersonal qualities.  Students of these courses might learn some or all of the following skills:

  • Principles Of Communication In Adult Social Care
  • Principles Of Personal Development In Adult Social Care Settings
  • Diversity, Equality And Inclusion
  • Principles Of Safeguarding And Protection In Health And Social Care
  • Introduction To Duty Of Care In Health, Social Care Or Children’s And Young People’s Settings
  • Understand The Role Of The Social Care Worker
  • Understand Person- Centred Approaches In Adult Health And Social Care
  • Understand Health And Safety In Social Care Settings
  • Understand How To Handle Information In Social Care Settings
  • Learn the role and responsibilities of a Care Worker and how to perform the job role to the best of their ability.
  • Learn good practices in adult social care roles.
  • Understand why diversity and inclusion are important in such settings.
  • Learn how to recognise signs of alleged abuse and respond to them accordingly.
  • Understand the duty of care and how to support certain challenges.
  • Learn a person-centered approach in your job role.
  • Understand confidentiality in your job role as an adult social care worker.
  • Provide a safe environment for people in your care.

A course in care for the older person will also teach the students all of the fundamentals of working in social care:

  • Communication
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Personal development
  • Role of the social care worker
  • Handling information
  • Health and safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Duty of care
  • Person-centred approaches

Who should do one of these courses?

A course in care of the older person is tailored to suit individuals who want to have aspirations in following a career in any of the following sectors:

  • Senior Healthcare Workers
  • Support Workers
  • Community-Based Senior Care Assistants
  • Social Care Workers and Care Workers.

On completion of a course in care of the older person,  students will be eligible for employment in a variety of care settings, including but not exclusive to: 

  • care homes
  • working for agencies
  • private homes.

There are a large number of courses in care for the older person across the country and at various different skill and education levels. 


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