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If you are interested in pursuing a career in the Motor Vehicle and Engineering Industries, then undertaking a car maintenance course is probably the right avenue for you to go down. 

What will i learn? 

There are a number of car maintenance courses available throughout ireland. For the most part what they will cover in the courses can include the following:

  • Auto Electricity
  • Engineering Drawing 405
  • Work Experience
  • Motor Vehicle Practice
  • Engineering Workshop Processes
  • Motor Vehicle Theory
  • Mathematics
  • Word Processing
  • Safety and Health
  • Communications
  • Remove and refit spark plugs
  • Change air cleaner and fuel filter
  • Top up battery electrolyte and clean terminals
  • Test bulbs, fuses, indicators, etc
  • Top up brake fluid and test brake pads for wear
  • Check tyres for wear,damage and correct inflation
  • Check coolant level
  • Change oil 

Some other areas covered may include the use of petrol and diesel engines in order to demonstrate maintenance, major and minor repairs. 

Many of these courses can also be for someone who just wishes to learn how to maintain and upkeep their own vehicles and do not wish to practice car maintenance as a career option. There are many carried skill levels available to students as courses. All of the car maintenance courses available in Ireland are delivered by experienced tutors.  

What can I do with a car maintenance qualification?

These courses vary in skill level and end result. All courses will enable learners to become hands on with the upkeep and maintenance of their own vehicles. Many of them will also enable learners to become car mechanics, or an auto repair professional if it is their desire to pursue a career in car maintenance. 

Taking on a course in car maintenance can also open up other avenues of study to the student such as further study in car mechanics, engineering or becoming a mechanic for other types of vehicular transportation. 

There are a huge number of car maintenance courses available across the country that utilise an array of different skill sets.


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  1. Manjunath Manjunath 07/11/2022 at 23:02

    I’m interested to learn about car maintaince

  2. Diarmaid 04/02/2024 at 16:12

    Hi. I’m interested in learning about car maintenance

  3. hafiz waqas 05/06/2024 at 18:53

    i am 33 year old. i have electrical sub engineer diploma from pakistan 2011.
    i am EU family member live in dublin.
    can i get admission in,
    Car Maintenence Course.
    please can you provide me some information. thank you.

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