Payment of €250 to 71,000 Students Begins

By Steven Galvin - Last update

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A payment of €250 to 71,000 Students Begins today. Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Simon Harris TD has confirmed that almost 71,000 students will receive an additional €250 in their student grant payment starting today.

Payment of €250 to 71,000 Students Begins

As part of Budget 2021, Minister Harris secured a €250 payment to all full-time EU students in publically-funded higher education institutions to acknowledge the impact this pandemic has had on third-level students.

SUSI has confirmed 70,851 students will begin to receive payments totalling €17,712,750 today.

Minister Harris also confirmed higher education institutions are finalising communications and will be in touch with students not in receipt of SUSI support shortly.

Speaking today, Minister Harris said:

“This pandemic has been hard for everyone but for young people, it has been particularly tough.

“For our students, there has been little or no time on campus, and very little of the social aspect of college.

“I hope the €250 payment helps students in some small way.

“If you are not in receipt of SUSI, I am pleased to confirm higher education institutions will communicate to students the details of the scheme shortly.

“The majority of students will receive a credit note for their college by the end of the year. This can be used to pay against any outstanding student contribution fee, or for services in college.

“There will also be alternatives offered in a small number of cases.”

The €250 payment will be made to all full-time EU undergraduate and postgraduate students in publically-funded institutions and there is no requirement for these students to apply for the payment.

Your higher education institution will be in contact with you directly to inform you about how they intend to credit you the amount of €250, which can be used against future payments of the student contribution or other paid-for services provided by the institution during 2020 or 2021. The credit will be distributed to students before the end of the 2020/2021 academic year.

This credit for students can be used as an offset against a range of services provided by each individual Institution including but not limited to student contribution fees, registration fees, other higher education campus services etc. for the academic year 2020/21 or against outstanding student contribution charges which are payable in 2020 or within the year 2021, or other costs which arise and would otherwise be payable to institutions during this period. Your institution will provide details of applicable services available.

In a small number of cases where a credit cannot be applied a payment may be facilitated at the discretion of the institution.

Minister Harris thanked the Higher Education Authority, the Higher Education Institutions, and SUSI for all their assistance on this.

Steven Galvin

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