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Are you interested in becoming a security systems installation expert? If so, you may consider doing an alarm installation course. 

What does a security systems installer do?

A Security systems installer will be responsible for the  fitting and servicing of  electronic systems that are put in place to detect intruders and also to control access to buildings or sites. They also fit alarms in houses and business premises. 

Typically as a security systems installers you will:

  • Discuss security plans with the customer
  • Carry out site surveys to work out where to place security devices
  • Install security systems and connect them to control panels by WiFi, fibre optic cables and other connections
  • Test systems and explain to customers how to operate them
  • Check and service existing systems
  • Respond to call-outs to repair faulty systems
  • Work includes fitting systems, such as closed circuit television (CCTV), building access controls, fire and intruder alarms, and other electronic surveillance equipment.

What is an alarm installation course? 

A course in Alarm Installation will be designed to teach students how to install an intruder alarm system in domestic, commercial or industrial premises. Alarm installation courses often simulate the installation of many different alarm control panels. Engaging in one of these courses will enable students to master the skills and expertise required to competently install a wide variety of Alarm systems that are currently available on the market. 

Alarm installation courses are generally taught by industry experts. This ensures students get the best possible knowledge available to them. These courses will teach the learner about: 

  • Control Panels
  • Strobe lights
  • Sirens
  • reed contacts
  • inertia sensors
  • infra-red detectors
  • Self Activating Bell units

Aims in studying alarm installation

The aim of studying an alarm installation course is to give students a working knowledge of the following:

  • Basic electrical theory including OHM’s Law and associated series and parallel circuits.
  • Select battery to comply with EN50131 standards requirements.
  • Wire the alarm control panel to an assortment of detection and signalling devices.
  • Wire remote keypads to the alarm control panel.
  • Program the essential elements of a system.
  • Know different zone types and their uses.
  • Programme and setup Hardwired, Wireless and Hybrid systems
  • Trouble shoot and test a system.

This will enable the student to begin a career in security systems management or installation. 


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