5 Qualities of a Good College Student

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You might think that being a good college student simply means being good at your subject and studying. Of course these are both vital in your journey from school to college and will contribute to your success. But alongside this you need to be aware of certain qualities you will need which will help you to become a better student regardless of what you are studying. Below we take a look at 5 qualities of a good college student. You need to be:


One of the most important qualities to being a successful student is to be organised. College is so much different from school where everything fitted into a tight schedule of class during the day and homework during the evening. One of the biggest changes you’re going to encounter is that you are going to be doing daily study. Your timetable will leave you with gaps in the day and it is important you organise them to best accommodate your learning. That means getting organised. Creating a study timetable, slotting in library sessions, organising group study sessions, organising lecture notes, handouts and photocopies. Organise your time on essays and exam revision so that you’re never leaving things till the last minute. Have a schedule and stick to it – you are in charge of your time now – don’t let it slip between your hands – organise and manage it.


You won’t have your teacher and parents looking over your shoulder anymore telling you what is right or wrong or what you should or shouldn’t do. You want have the gang of friends you spent time with in school. Things are going ti change. You need to be able to adapt to your new life and your new way of learning. Going to college is the first real major life transition for many young people, and that can take some getting used to. You’ll have to adapt to a lot of new things – maybe it’s the first time you’ve lived away from home? Maybe it’s the first time you’ve had to commute? Maybe it’s the first time you’ve used a library? Maybe it’s the first time you feel you have no friends. Maybe it’s the first time… there’s going to be a lot of “this is the first time…” situations in college so you need to be ready to to take on all the new challenges and adapt to all the different situations you will be faced with. And that’s not always going to be easy and sometimes you might feel something is too much, that you can’t deal with it, that it might knock you down – well remember, as Mike Norton wrote, “Fall. Stand. Learn. Adapt.” And if you can master that now you’re set for life because adaptability is one of most important qualities a person can have and is something you will need throughout your life and will help you to be successful.


It’s important that you believe in your ability in college. Have the confidence to question things, to take part in class discussions, to lead projects. These are amazing opportunities that if you jump at now will stand to your future life, your future career. Now’s the time to do it, to try it and even though you may sometimes be wrong or you may sometimes not achieve what you set out to, this is the perfect learning ground for you to give it a go and then give it another go. Believe that you are good enough and take the necessary steps to show it. If an opportunity presents itself go for it. Who would like to lead the study group? Who wants to be captain of the team? Who wants to organise the event. You do! Give it a go. You are good enough. Make sure to eat healthily and keep drinking plenty of water and ensure you exercise regularly as well. A healthy body is a healthy mind and this will add to your confidence and you’ll feel more capable of tackling any challenge.


Getting involved is one of the most important things you can do in college. Most universities have a huge number and variety of clubs, societies and organizations available for you to choose from and join. Sign up for things you know. Sign up for things you don’t know. College is a great way to discover new things and even though you think you should only sign up for the football club because you play football, why not sign up for something totally new in your life – go try archery, join the debating society, try some acting. I joined a cooking club in college and suddenly became very popular around dinnertime! Societies are not only a great way to meet people, they play a vital role in helping you to balance your study and social life, will contribute  a vast amount to your well-being  and will greatly enhance your overall student experience.


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