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Have you ever wanted to be part of the world of Creative and Fiction Writing? Ordinary people, ordinary lives; and then they picked up the pen, sat at the keyboard, entered another world or their own creation, returned every day for many months, took it to a publisher and now the world’s reading it! This could be you if you have the courage and perseverance to realise all that ambition and potential inside you.

Your First Steps When it Comes to Creative and Fiction Writing

Creative writing is a fabulously rewarding past-time that often turns into a career. It can be financially, as well as creatively and mentally rewarding too. But to succeed, you’re going to need the bravery to sit down and keep writing. Sharing a room with others of a similar mind to you, however, may help you to get started no end. So that’s why you should get to the search engine and find a creative writing course near you.

As there’s a supposed pool of writing skills on the crew, we decided to put together a little bit of advice to get you in form for the class. Take it as our manual of confidence building steps as we try to make a writer out of you!

Be Patient

Great things from little seeds grow – no need to repeat that little treacly bit of knowledge. Likewise, you can start with small steps; Write about things that have meaning for you. Include your feelings and what you write will touch others. Don’t forget to use these four steps for effective writing: pre-write your ideas briefly using phrases, write the story from your first notes, read your story and edit it, re-write it. Try not to get discouraged with the process. Remember that work pays off. You will have a story that you can be proud to share with others.

Get into the habit of writing. Carry a notebook along on vacation. Have a notebook handy for riding in the car or on the bus. Don’t just wait for moments of inspiration. If you develop the habit of writing, you’ll discover some really good things are happening.

Do your Research

Writers are readers. Most good novelists have done research before they write anything. Knowing background information about the setting and subjects of your story enhances your creative efforts. Marguerite Henry is a good example of someone who writes well while also providing a wealth of interesting information to her reader. An ability to combine her creativity and research has won her many awards. Read some of her books as models for your own writing.

Just to whet your appetite and get you in the mood for your classes, try this little exercise: Take four pieces of paper and, on each, write one of the following headings: plot, characters, setting and climax. Now take the paper with plot on top of it. Think about a story that you enjoyed reading. Write a similar plot very briefly. Take the paper with characters on its heading. Develop one or two main characters that are easily recognisable. What will make them stand out – the way they talk, their looks, their ideas? Write these ideas. Under the heading of setting, create a setting that will make the plot and the characters believable. Now onto the climax….what will happen to make the story interesting and follow out its plot? On the four papers you now have your outline, so begin writing your story.

Be Social

Lastly, get yourself a pen pal. This is a fun but effective way to get into the habit of writing. A pen pal is a good way to learn about other places, ideas, people. You will find things that are similar to your own experiences as well as things that are not. Both will add to your wealth of knowledge and give you a better background for writing.

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