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THE DISCIPLINE OF DRAWING PART 3 is a course run by The Drawing Studio, Dublin. It is a 'Classroom Based' course with a duration of 9 weeks. THE DISCIPLINE OF DRAWING PART 3 gives a Course Qualification of Non-Certified. For more information about THE DISCIPLINE OF DRAWING PART 3 at The Drawing Studio, please review the details below.

9 weeks | for graduates of course 2 | €295 | All materials included.

Upon completion of the Foundation and Application and Practice courses, students progress on to this next level, where they will work from the more complex series of prints from the Cours de Dessin, Section I, Models after Casts. They will be presented with problems involving tone/value transitions, as well as to those involving more elaborate forms and shapes. 

Through keen observation and specific exercises they will explore the effect of light (direct, diffused, reflective, its strength: dim or bright) on objects and how this can be convincingly represented. Modelling techniques that give a persuasive depiction of an object in space will be examined. This will be achieved through similar approaches as developed on the previous two courses, namely through generalisation and geometric reduction. Students will learn a way of seeing and of tonal treatment, as referred to by the French painter, Édouard Manet – “Look for the grand light and grand shadow, the rest will come of itself, and often doesn’t amount to much anyway.”

They will then work systematically from the basic to the complex, while developing a sensibility for what can be left out. There will be an in-depth examination of the plaster-cast drawings of artists throughout their careers, such as; Jacopo Tintoretto, Thomas Anshutz and Paul Cézanne – who made over a thousand drawings after plaster casts. The plaster casts in the Studio will be considered often.

Students will learn about the interplay of visible/invisible masses and forces that operate through the object and surrounding space, as well as learning to recreate by simplifying forms to their basic geometric equivalents. The aim is to bring a more substantive, sculptural and stable quality to their drawing, along with an appreciation for the integrity and dignity of simple forms.

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Training ProviderThe Drawing Studio
Course LocationDublin
Location PostcodeDublin 2
Course TypeClassroom Based
Course QualificationNon-Certified
Course Start Date4th February 2020
Course End Date1st April 2020
Course Duration9 weeks
Course TimeTuesday 6.30pm - 9.30pm or Wednesday 10am - 1pm All courses will be weekly until the week ending Wednesday 1st April 2020.
Course Fee295.
Entry RequirementsNone-anyone over 18 with an appetite for learning. Students must have completed the Foundation Course PART I & PART 2 before enrolling for the PART III Advancing course
Carear PathNo matter what the chosen career of the student, this course aims to improve the students concentration, focus, patience; as well as their coordination, posture and ability to visualise. The aim is to instil attentiveness with precise observation and articulation. Useful measuring techniques such as the sight-size and comparative, relational approaches will be taught. When applied, students whether advanced or beginner will see their vision and ability dramatically enhanced. Whether a beginner or advanced you will discover that the course’s vital lessons and approach are universally applicable and of immediate benefit to your practice and to your experience of life.
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