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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a course run by Master Ding Academy Ireland, Dublin. For more information about Tai Chi at Master Ding Academy Ireland, please review the details below.

Unlike most forms of exercise and sport, Tai Chi doesnt rely on strength, force and speed, which makes it ideal for everyone young and old, strong or not. The first element focuses on bringing the energy Chi to the Tan Tien point in the abdomen. We do this through Chi Kung at the start of every class. It quietens the mind and relaxes the body. The second element is the Tai Chi Chuan form, which circulates the Chi through the body. This what most people mean when they think of Tai Chi the moving sequence of postures that is so attractive to watch. The third element is the application of Chi in partner exercises known as Gau Sau, or exchange of hands, to experience Tai Chi Principles in practice. It is a chance for both parties to help each other refine movements and postures and gain better insight and understanding of applied energy. Of the thousands of people who take up Tai Chi, only a few will actually develop enough skill to teach, and fewer still have the ability to truly demonstrate the Tai Chi principles, expressing Tai Chis legendary softness. Master Ding is fully committed to transmitting this art to those who continue to work and improve the quality of their Tai Chi. All MDAs instructors are regularly assessed to ensure that they maintain the high standard expected. Further, Master Ding is accessible to students and instructors through workshops, seminars and retreats.

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Training ProviderMaster Ding Academy Ireland
Course LocationDublin
Location PostcodeCo. Dublin
Course FeePOA
Phone0877 527 013
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