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Self-Healing Art Therapy

Self-Healing Art Therapy is a course run by Limerick College of Further Education, Limerick. For more information about Self-Healing Art Therapy at Limerick College of Further Education, please review the details below.

This course is suitable for those that wish to understand what art therapy is. It is simply aimed at providing an experiential practice of how art becomes the primary mode of communication in overcoming mental health difficulties, and how it can be used in aiding different groups: autistic,
elderly, children, learning disabled and psychiatric patients suffering with depression and anxiety. It is suitable for various participants e.g. Carers, health professionals, individuals or art students with an interest in art therapy and art as therapy. You do not have to be an artist to qualify to take part in the course. Please Note: This course does not qualify you to be an art therapist.



• Knowing me knowing you through art
• Developing a working knowledge of what art therapy is, Philosophical underpinnings, Carl Jung, psychoanalytic, Carl Rogers, person
centre, Outsider art
• How using different materials feel to us and what they tell us about our personal journeys and how we can use this working with clients, Working with attachment. (Art exercise)
• Working with deep emotions held within the autonomic nervous system, understanding anger, Creating an emotions ladder
• Working with clay and getting to know the clayfield, Developing a sense of flow
• Understanding who we are, Working with our personal preferences through colour
• Bringing mind and body through developing a sense of our personal rhythms, working with movements that promote balance (vestibular) and bi lateral, bringing the two hemispheres of the brain together and what this tells us about the health of our clients and ourselves.
• Personal project working in triads.
• To use art to tell your own story and to take it in turns to be the client, the therapist and the observer. Week ten will be devoted to presenting your work.
• Throughout the course plenty of time will be devoted to group discussion.

The therapy room will be a safe space and will adhere to a strict code of confidentiality and ethical boundaries. The emphasis of the work will be
positive and we will work in the present moment. During the course participants will experiment with paint, soft pastels, crayons, monochrome, air dry clay, nature materials, collage and will be encouraged to bring in materials which are personal to them from time to time.

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Training ProviderLimerick College of Further Education
Course LocationLimerick
Awarding Body DetailsCertificate of Attendance
Course Duration10 weeks
Course TimeTHURS 19.00 - 21.00
Course Fee€100 | Materials €25
Course CodeAC022
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Limerick College of Further Education

Limerick College of Further Education, Limerick, Limerick, Republic of Ireland

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