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Professional Diploma in Public Relations

Professional Diploma in Public Relations is a course run by Irish Academy of Public Relations, Dublin. It is a Online Learning course with a duration of This course can be completed in 6 months. 1 year is the maximum time allocated to completion. Professional Diploma in Public Relations gives a Course Qualification of Diploma. For more information about Professional Diploma in Public Relations at Irish Academy of Public Relations, please review the details below.

Unlock Your Path to a Dynamic PR Career!

Public Relations (PR) is the driving force behind successful organizations – the art of building lasting connections and mutual understanding between businesses and their audiences.

In today’s digital age, social media and artificial intelligence (AI) are the heartbeat of communication. Our Professional Diploma in PR equips you to excel in this domain, teaching you the tools to use and how to collaborate with key influencers, bloggers, and social media mavens who wield tremendous sway over your client’s target audience. You’ll become a master in leveraging the power of social platforms to drive your clients’ success.

Our comprehensive curriculum doesn’t just focus on new media and AI, but also hones your proficiency in the tried-and-true PR practices. You’ll become well-versed in crafting compelling press releases, orchestrating unforgettable functions and press conferences, and skillfully managing crisis situations. In this ever-changing landscape, you’ll stand out as a PR trailblazer!

Your career, your choices! As you approach the finish line, you’ll have the opportunity to specialize through a captivating thesis project. Unleash your passion for sports, entertainment, politics, IT, or any area you desire, and our expert supervisors will be there to guide and support you along the way.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of PR? Our cutting-edge program offers you an exciting journey into this fast-paced and ever-evolving field, designed to equip you with all the essential skills needed for a thriving communications career.


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International Recognition

When it comes to international recognition, look no further than The Academy – the exclusive college in Ireland endorsed by the prestigious International Public Relations Association (IPRA). For over two decades, we have proudly been active members of IPRA, solidifying our position as a global leader in PR education

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Core Text

Each student will receive a copy of the core text for this diploma. Public Relations: A Practical Approach, is written by our Director, Ellen Gunning, and is used by third level PR/communications students worldwide. It brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to learners.

This course is studied over 12 modules.

Course Syllabus

 Module 1 Understand PR

This Module introduces the learner to the world of PR with an overview of the key elements.  Understand the fundamentals of PR, including its background, purpose, and the key publics it addresses. Explore the contrasts between in-house and agency PR and comprehend PR’s evolving relationship with today’s diverse media landscape.

This module will help you distinguish between PR strategies and campaigns, shed light on the three types of media – earned, owned, and paid, and educate you on the roles of various stakeholders and audiences. Learn to navigate challenging scenarios by converting negative opinions into positive attitudes, and understand the concept of audience image in PR.


 Module 2 Corporate Identity/Image


In this module, participants will uncover the nuances that distinguish a company’s tangible corporate identity from the intangible perceptions that weave together its corporate image. While the former pertains to concrete aspects like logos, colours, and designs that a company uses, the latter is an amalgamation of feelings, beliefs, and attitudes people hold towards the company. This exploration is crucial as it highlights how these intertwined elements play a pivotal role in establishing a brand’s presence in the market and influencing the perceptions of stakeholders, from customers to investors. Among the key topics we’ll delve into are the clear definition of what corporate identity truly entails, a comprehensive understanding of corporate image, the indispensable role that PR professionals play in shaping these perceptions, and the strategies to ensure cohesiveness between a company’s identity and the image it projects to the world.”



 Module 3 Press release

In this hands-on module on press release writing, you will learn to evaluate the efficacy of press releases and social media releases as information dissemination and promotional tools respectively. Gain a clear understanding of the elements that make a story newsworthy and learn how to pique a journalist’s interest. The Module will guide you through the best practices in press release format and structure for optimal results and reach. Learn effective writing tips to captivate your audience and understand common pitfalls in press release writing and how to sidestep them. This course also emphasizes building reciprocal relationships with journalists, a critical aspect of effective PR. Finally, you will learn to evaluate and implement the most effective distribution methods for your press releases.

 Module 4 Sponsorship

Begin with understanding what sponsorship entails and move on to defining clear objectives for sponsorship initiatives. Learn how sponsorship can aid in building name awareness and solidifying positioning in the marketplace.

Master the process of selecting a suitable sponsorship by focusing on your target market and aligning it with your budgetary considerations. Delve into strategic development for crafting a robust sponsorship plan and conduct a thorough risk assessment to mitigate potential issues.

Once your sponsorship decision is made, you will learn to review, implement, and evaluate the effectiveness of your program. Whether you’re new to the concept of sponsorship or a professional looking to enhance your skills, this Module offers practical insights into managing a successful sponsorship strategy.


 Module 5 Smartphone Photography

Embrace the power of photography in your pocket in this compelling module, focusing on the advantages and challenges of smartphone photography. Discover essential accessories that can elevate your photos from simple snapshots to creative masterpieces. Learn the concept of ‘filling the frame’ to bring focus and detail into your images. The Module also provides hands-on training on editing and cropping photos on both computers and phones, ensuring you can work effectively on multiple platforms. Explore the adjustment of exposure, contrast, and hue to create visually striking images, regardless of your device. Further delve into the technicalities of sharpening, texture, and size adjustments for both computer and phone.


 Module 6 Organizing Events

Uncover the integral purpose behind organizing an event and gain insights into the nuances of venue selection and optimal timing. Navigate the delicate art of managing the guest list, crafting compelling invitations, and ensuring smooth attendance management. Learn how to set the right ambiance by dressing the function appropriately and managing essential aspects such as catering and technical requirements like microphones and equipment. Understand the significance of hosting guests, planning impactful speeches, and effectively utilizing media. Understand the practical aspects of event layout, exploring podium positioning, signage, photograph management, and setting up an exhibition area. Discuss the logistics of arranging seating and standing spaces for maximum comfort and engagement. Finally, the module concludes with strategies for effective event evaluation



 Module 7 – Crisis PR

Navigate the stormy waters of crisis situations in our focused crisis communications Module. Begin by defining what constitutes a crisis and identifying the key players in your crisis management team. Understand the crucial role of stakeholders and master the art of effective communication with the public during crisis situations.


Learn how to manage media relations and address tough questions during high-pressure scenarios. Craft compelling crisis news releases to ensure accurate and timely information dissemination. Reflect on the aftermath of a crisis, understanding its implications and learning from the experience.


The module is enriched with numerous case studies, providing real-world context to theoretical knowledge. Ideal for PR professionals or anyone involved in managing communications, this course equips you with the skills to handle crises with confidence and competence

Module 8 –Digital PR



In the dynamic world of digital marketing, mastering SEO is paramount. This involves not only understanding its core concept but also diving deep into the workings of search engines. Key strategies like selecting relevant keywords and optimizing your site’s metadata are critical for enhancing visibility online. Parallel to this is the power of social media platforms, with Facebook and Instagram at the forefront. It’s essential to grasp the intricacies of these platforms, from setting up business pages to crafting engaging content and effectively navigating their algorithms. Additionally, harnessing the potential of digital PR marks a significant evolution from traditional PR methods. As the digital landscape transforms, PR professionals have adopted newer strategies, such as content marketing and extensive digital PR campaigns, all aimed at achieving a broader reach and fostering business growth even with budgetary constraints. This comprehensive perspective on digital marketing equips one with the knowledge to navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving digital realm.



Module 9 –Creating a blog

Step into the dynamic world of blog writing with this interactive module. Kickstart your journey with an understanding of what a blog is and guidance on how to get started. Gain insights into beginning your writing process, followed by mastering the art of structuring a blog for maximum reader engagement. Explore various types of blogs to broaden your writing horizons and learn effective strategies to promote your blog and expand your readership. This course also provides direction on what to do after publishing your first few blog posts, keeping content fresh and an audience intrigued.


Understand the potential of podcasts as a PR tool for businesses and learn strategies to capture and retain your audience’s attention.

Delve into the practical aspects of podcasting, including the necessary planning, preparation, and technical know-how. Finally, learn how to visually brand your podcast and upload it for your audience to enjoy.

communication strategies.


 Module 10 -Creating a podcast

Learn what a podcast is, why they are created, and how to select engaging content. Understand the potential of podcasts as a PR tool for businesses and learn strategies to capture and retain your audience’s attention.


Delve into the practical aspects of podcasting, including the necessary planning, preparation, and technical know-how. Finally, learn how to visually brand your podcast and upload it for your audience to enjoy.


 Module 11 – AI Enhanced Communications


In this training course, PR and communication professionals will learn how to effectively use Chat GPT, a powerful language Module, to enhance their communication strategies, engage with audiences, and manage public relations effectively. Participants will gain hands-on experience in leveraging Chat GPT’s capabilities to craft compelling messages, handle crisis communication, improve customer interactions, utilize customer surveys and information, conduct competitor analysis, and analyse competitor social media data. Additionally, participants will explore the legal and data protection implications of using Chat GPT in PR and communication practices. By the end of the course, attendees will be equipped with the skills needed to leverage Chat GPT for comprehensive PR and communication purposes while maintaining legal and ethical compliance.


 Module 12 – Dissertation

Select an area (e.g., sport, politics, fashion) that you are interested in. Research and analyse the coverage from a PR perspective (dissertation). Write a blog about your findings (for publication). Full Instructions and guidance for dissertations will be provided by the allocated tutor.


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Training ProviderIrish Academy of Public Relations
Course LocationDublin
Location PostcodeCo. Dublin
Course TypeOnline Learning
Course QualificationDiploma
Awarding Body DetailsProfessional Diploma in Public Relations
Course Start Date06/11/2023
Course End Date30/04/2024
Course DurationThis course can be completed in 6 months. 1 year is the maximum time allocated to completion
Course TimeThis course cycle begins on the first Monday of each month. Start dates 2023: 4 December 2024: 1 January 5 February 4 March 1 April
Course Fee1850
Entry RequirementsOpen to all learners globally
Carear PathCommunications industry PR Industry Media Industry
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