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POWERPOINT BASIC TO ADVANCE is a course run by Study 365, Cavan. It is a 'Online Learning' course . For more information about POWERPOINT BASIC TO ADVANCE at Study 365, please review the details below.


Do you wish to learn the art of creating stunning presentations? Would you like to hold the attention of your audience and have their focus for the duration of the presentation? Now, you can with this great course, the PowerPoint Basic to Advance training that will give you a fundamental understanding of how to build awesome presentations that will engage your audience from start to finish.

The course will cover the basics of developing presentations and teach you how to use popular presentation tools effectively. It is a step by step course that will help you become efficient and productive in PowerPoint. You will have an amazing range of skills and expertise to put into practice and start creating your very own presentations complete with text, visual appearance and other effects.

The PowerPoint Basic to Advance course will provide a complete understanding of PowerPoint all the way to advance features and functions. This course is ideal not just for beginners but also learners who have relative skills but want to further their understanding of PowerPoint and develop amazing presentations that will capture their audience. This is a CPD certified course that will demonstrate to potential employers that you are continually developing yourself, and will make you a desirable candidate.

01: Introduction
1.1.Powerpoint Course Overview
1.2.Quick Microsoft PowerPoint Refresher
1.3.Versions of PowerPoint
02: Creating Your First PowerPoint Slide
2.1.Download and Install PowerPoint
2.2.Access or Start PowerPoint Application
2.3.Selecting your Slide
2.4.Creating First PowerPoint Slide
03: Editing Objects in Slides – Home Menu
3.1.Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate Text Objects
3.2.Selecting New Slides, Duplicate and Reuse a Slide
3.3.Slide Layout, Resetting and Adding Sections
3.4.Font Size, Bold, Italic and Underline Text
3.5.Changing font sizes, Clear formatting, Highlighting text and Changing text color
3.6.Bullets numbering, List levels, Line spacing, Alignment and Justify
3.7.Add or Remove Columns, Text Direction, Align Text, and Convert to Smart Art
3.8.Drawing Shapes – Text, Circles, Squares and Arrows
3.9.Order, Group and Position Object (Drawing)
3.10.Shape Fill and Shape Outline
3.11.Shape Effect and Format
3.12.Find, Replace and Select (Editing)
3.13.Insert Shapes and Styles (Shape Format Menu)
3.14.WordArtStyles and Accessibility (Shape Format Menu)
3.15.Arrange and Size Objects (Shape Format Menu)
04: Adding Objects to Slides – Insert Menu
4.1.Inserting Through Slide Themes
4.2.New Slide Themes and Options
4.3.Inserting a Table
4.4.Inserting Images (Pictures, Online Pictures, Screenshots, Photo Album)
4.5.Illustrations (Shapes, iCons, 3D Models, SmartArt and Charts)
4.6.Insert or Import Excel Table
4.7.Table Styles, WordArt Styles and Draw Borders (Table Design)
4.8.Add Row & Colums, Merge, Size & Align Cells, Table Size & Arrange (Table Layout)
4.9.Zoom (Insert – Link)
4.10.Creating Links within Insert Menu
4.11.Add-Ins (Get Add-ins and My Add-ins)
4.12.Add Action to Objects (Insert – Links)
4.13.Add Comments to Objects (Insert – Comment)
4.14.Text, Header & Footer, WordArt, Date & Time, Slide and Object (Insert – Text)
4.15.Add Equations and Symbols (Insert -Symbols)
4.16.Add Videos to Slides (Insert – Media)
4.17.Insert Audio to Slides (Insert – Media)
4.18.Screen Recording (Insert – Media)
4.19.Remove Picture Background (Picture Format Menu)
4.20.Picture Corrections, Color Artistic Effects & Transparency (Picture Format -Adjust Menu)
4.21.Compress, Change and Reset Pictures (Picture Format – Adjust Menu)
4.22.Picture Border, Effects and Layout (Picture Format – Picture Styles)
4.23.Picture Accessibility and Arrangement (Picture Format – Arrange)
4.24.Crop, and Change Picture Size (Picture Format – Size)
05: Designing Slides – Design Menu
5.1.Selecting Themes for your Slide
5.3.Customize Slide (Standard vs Widescreen) and Format Background
5.4.Designer View of Slide
06: Transitions
6.1.Transition from one Slide to Another
6.2.Timing Slides with Sounds and Duration
07: Animations
7.1.Different Type of Animations (Entrance, Emphasis and Exit)
7.2.Different Type of Animations (Motion Paths and Additional Effects)
7.3.Motion Path Animation for Shapes
7.4.Animation for Pictures, Videos and Audio
7.5.Timing Animated Objects
7.6.Objects Sequence or Reorder
7.7.Deleting Animation From Objects
7.8.Adding Multiple Animation to an Object (Advance Animation)
7.9.Animation Pane, Trigger, Animation Painter (Advance Animation)
08: Slide Show
8.1.Starting the Slide Show
8.2.Setting Up Slide Show
8.3.Rehearse Timings (Set Up Slide Show)
8.4.Record Slide Show
8.5.Play Narrations, Use Timings, Show Media Controls
8.6.Monitors and Presenter View
09: Review
9.1.Proofing, Accessibility and Insight
9.3.Adding and Deleting Comments
9.4.Comparing Presentations
9.5.Hide or Delete Ink
10: View
10.1.Changing Presentation and Slide Views
10.2.Master Views
10.3.Ruler, Gridlines and Guides
10.4.Zoom (View)
10.5.Color and Grayscale your Presentation
10.6.New Window, Arrange All, Cascade, Move Split and Switch Window
11: File Menu
11.1.Powerpoint Information
11.2.Saving Presentation
11.3.Print, Share, Export and Close
11.4.Account and Feedback
11.5.General Options
11.6.Proofing Options
11.7.Save, Language and Ease of Access Options
11.8.Advance Options
11.9.Customize Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, Add-in and TrustCenter

Why You Should Consider Taking this Course at Study365?

Study365 is a leading online provider for several accrediting bodies, and provides learners the opportunity to take this exclusive course awarded by CPD.  At Study365, we give our fullest attention to our learners’ needs and ensure they have the necessary information required to proceed with the Course. Learners who register will be given excellent support, discounts for future purchases and be eligible for a TOTUM Discount card and Student ID card with amazing offers and access to retail stores, the library, cinemas, gym memberships and their favourite restaurants.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have an understanding of the basic features of PowerPoint
  • Learn to create effective presentations
  • Learn how to enhance your presentations with PowerPoint tools
  • Learn how to capture the attention of your audience with your presentation

Who is this Course for?

This course is recommended for,

  • Anyone who wants to learn PowerPoint
  • Individuals who need PowerPoint for their job
  • Individuals working in an office environment

Access Duration

The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 12 months access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course.  The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lessons at any time.

Method of Assessment

In order to qualify in ‘PowerPoint Basic to Advance’ successfully, learners will take an online test with each module being rounded off with multiple-choice questions. This online test is marked automatically, so you will receive an instant grade and know whether you have passed the course.


Upon the successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the ‘PowerPoint Basic to Advance’ Certificate accredited by CPD.

Awarding Body

CPD is a leading awarding body in the United Kingdom that meets an excellent standard of high quality education. CPD is committed towards the enhancement of proficiency and personal skills in order to develop learners’ skills and abilities. CPD ensures that both practical and academic qualifications assist individuals to re-skill or up-skill and maintain a competitive advantage in their chosen industry.

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Training ProviderStudy 365
Course LocationCavan
Course TypeOnline Learning
Course Fee39
Entry RequirementsLearners should be over the age of 16, and have a basic understanding of English, ICT and numeracy. A sound educational background is recommended
Carear PathOffice Administrators - £41,000 (Approximately) Administrative Assistants - £37,000 (Approximately)
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