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Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting is a course run by Cabinteely Community School, Dublin. It is a 'Practical' course with a duration of 6 weeks. For more information about Positive Parenting at Cabinteely Community School, please review the details below.

Week 1 – Connecting with your child

During our first week Aoife looks at the importance of positive communication, special time and play and how this impacts on building positive relationships with our children as well as how to encourage good behaviour in our children using praise effectively and often. Aoife will also touch on child development; that it is not only about the physical growth of our children but the emotional, social and cognitive growth too. Aoife takes you through how understanding child development is the basics to our parenting which allows us become more aware and in turn gives us a better understanding of our children’s needs and behaviours.

Week 2 – Understanding our Children’s Behaviours

As all families come up against the challenges of day to day parenting, it’s very natural and normal for children to test those boundaries. They can act up for many reasons, sometimes our children are expressing their frustration or upset, they may be looking for attention, they want to be in control or sometimes they act out because they know no other way of communicating. Creating positive relationships with your child is the basis of managing the more testing behaviours. During this week Aoife discusses why our children push the boundaries, how to manage these behaviours as well as going through practical ways of taking the lead with our children as well being more assertive when dealing with our child’s behaviour.

Week 3 – Setting Boundaries & Limits, using Consequences & Reinforcing Positive Behaviours

During this week Aoife talks through the importance of routines, setting boundaries & limits and how effective family meetings can be. Aoife also discusses why following through on rules work in the long term. We will also be talking about using choices and consequences, explaining why many parents say they don’t work and what we have to do for them to be successful. Aoife will finally discuss how we can positively reinforce behaviours through short term use of token jars, surprise bags & star charts.

Week 4 – Screen Time, Social Media and Smartphones

For many of us we grew up during a time when TV, advertising, magazines and our peer groups influenced us on our relationships and how we interacted and communicated. We used the landline phone to speak with friends! For children young and old – these mediums remain the same however with the huge addition of the internet; and with that comes social media, gaming, tablets, smartphones and the risks involved. Parents feel overwhelmed by the impact all of the above have on their children. How much is too much screentime? What is the recommended age for a child to have a phone? When should a parent intervene? During this week, Aoife will discuss the pros and cons of internet use, the effect social media has on our children’s lives, why having guidelines and boundaries on screen time using ‘parental controls’ on devices is so important as well as empowering our children to take responsibility through positive communication.

Week 5 – Eating & Mealtimes – Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits

It’s reasonable to expect children to express likes and dislikes when it comes to what they eat. Forcing a child by whatever means to eat a food they simply don’t like is counterproductive. Poor eating habits can develop quite quickly without us even realising it. Parents often find themselves in this situation and come to Aoife to break the cycle. During this week Aoife discusses what to avoid & what to do if you have a fussy eater. Habits that affect your child’s eating as well as tips to encourage your child to eat and making food fun with a variety of suggestions.

Week 6 – Creating Quiet Times & Relaxation for our Children

During this week Aoife talks about our children experiencing stress and anxiety, what this means for them and what we can do to support our children – no matter how big or small their worry is. Aoife will take you through lots of ideas and ways to help our children feel more relaxed and confident in themselves and what they do.

Over this six week positive parenting course Aoife will support each parent as best she can through her own professional and personal experience of being a mother and parent coach. There will be opportunities to chat, share experiences if you wish and ask questions. The nature of content and experiences of those attending will remain confidential among the group. I look forward to meeting you all.


Aoife is a mother of three children, she is an accredited parent and life coach and is founder of Parent Support.  She works with many corporate companies around Ireland, delivering parenting wellness talks to their teams; she is also an expert provider for Irish Life Health’s corporate customer wellness programme.

Aoife facilitates parenting groups & talks in crèches, schools and community centres as well as providing staff training and private consultations with professionals in the child care field and for parents in the form of one to one sessions.  Aoife also appears regularly on Virgin Media’s Weekend AM show as well as contributing to The Irish Times, Irish Independent and a variety of parenting magazines.  Aoife offers parents easy to learn skills and a variety of parenting tools that she knows are effective and practical that can help the parent build a calmer and happier home. The logical techniques and foundations for discipline offer the parent basics for creating their own unique parenting style. Aoife’s practical and non-judgemental approach has proven to be very effective and helpful for both parents and their families.

Aoife previously worked for over 12 years with the Health Service Executive as part of an Early Intervention Team and Social Work team supporting families with the many challenges of parenting, working one-to-one in the family home as well as facilitating parenting groups. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Diploma in Applied Social Studies from The Institute of Technology, Sligo.  Aoife also holds a Diploma in Parent Coaching and a Fetac Level 6 Certificate in Train the Trainer.


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Training ProviderCabinteely Community School
Course LocationCabinteely, Dublin
Location PostcodeCo. Dublin
Course TypePractical
Course Start Date21st January 2020
Course End Date24th March 2020
Course Duration6 weeks
Course TimeTuesday 7.30pm - 9.45pm.
Course Fee90 euro
Phone01 285 7455
Course Code2290
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