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Ontology (Reality Check) Course

Ontology (Reality Check) Course is course run by People's College for Continuing Education and Training, Dublin. It is a 'Classroom Based' course with a duration of 12 weeks. For more information about Ontology (Reality Check) Course at People's College for Continuing Education and Training, please review the details below.

It is not life, people or events that cause us to suffer, it’s our reaction to them that causes our unhappiness and it’s our mental conditioning that causes our reactions

  • Date: Feb 3rd, 2020 – May 11th, 2020
  • Day: Monday
  • Time : 6.30 – 7.45 pm
  • Category: Public Speaking
  • Venue : To be confirmed in office on start date
  • Cost: €130 for twelve classes

Luckily, we don’t need to fight or wrestle our conditioned reactions into submission, all we need is to understand them. If we fully understood our reactions in stressful situations they would lose their power over us.

In the Reality Check Ontology Course we’ll discover and uncover many truths about ourselves and the world we create.

  • We’ll discover the nature of the mind and how it operates and evolved to the way it is.
  • We’ll discover how it becomes dysfunctional.
  • We’ll discover how to spot illusions as they arise in us and how to disentangle ourselves from them.
  • We’ll discover compassion by recognising that everyone else has their own illusions too.
  • We’ll discover love by understanding first what it is not.
  • We’ll discover our own True Nature by a process of reduction, not addition.
  • We’ll discover what a successful life really means, as opposed to the acquisition of money or approval, position, or fame.
  • We’ll discover how to be present and powerful, as opposed to being trapped by fear and the illusion of time.
  • We’ll discover that we are already free by realising that no one has bound us.
  • We’ll discover the beauty of life by understanding that it’s not something that we have, but it’s what we are.


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Training ProviderPeople's College for Continuing Education and Training
Course LocationDublin
Location PostcodeDublin 1
Course TypeClassroom Based
Course Start Date3rd February 2020
Course End Date11th May 2020
Course Duration12 weeks
Course TimeMonday 6.30 - 7.45 pm
Course Fee €130 for twelve classes
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