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Online - IAOTH Accredited Homeopathy Foundation Diploma Course (Certified)- €10.99

Online - IAOTH Accredited Homeopathy Foundation Diploma Course (Certified)- €10.99 is a course run by Academy of Ancient Magik, Cork. It is a Online Learning course with a duration of 150 hours of personal study. Online - IAOTH Accredited Homeopathy Foundation Diploma Course (Certified)- €10.99 gives a Course Qualification of Diploma, awarded by International Association of Therapists (IAOTH). For more information about Online - IAOTH Accredited Homeopathy Foundation Diploma Course (Certified)- €10.99 at Academy of Ancient Magik, please review the details below.

 €10.99 Only, includes all materials and certificate. Discover the benefits of this ancient vibrational medicine practise.

IAOTH ACCREDITED (International Association of Therapists)

 8 Sections 

3.5 hrs of Content

37 Lectures

Certified Course

Online Study

Tutor Support

No time limit for completing your course

All comprehensive materials and certificate included

Our Ethos – We do not believe that price should be a barrier to knowledge and education, hence we charge what we do.

What will you learn?

SECTION ONE Introduction & the History of Homeopathy    

2. The Origins and Historical Background of Homeopathy



4. What Evidence is there that Homeopathy Works?

5. What are the Objectives of Homeopathy?

6. Is Homeopathy a Safe Treatment to Use?


7. Homeopathy, Science and Water Memory.

8. The Benefits of Using Homeopathy.

9. Homeopathic Drawbacks.

SECTION FOUR – The Cardinal Laws and the Fundamental Principles of Homeopathy.

10. Cardinal Laws of Homeopathy – THE FIRST 3 LAWS



12. Homeopathic Materia Medica (the Homeopathic Medical Guidebook)

13. What Happens in a Homeopathic Consultation.

14. Homeopathic Preparations.

15. How are Homeopathic Preparations Made ?

16-Homeopathic Labelling.

17. Which homeopathic dilution should I choose?

18. PROVINGS (A Homeopaths Term for Testing)

19. Homeopathy and Pets

Section Six – Treating common ailments with homeopathy

20. How do you decide which homeopathic remedy to take?

21.How to take a Remedy.

22. Combination Remedies

23. Commonly Asked Questions About Taking Remedies

Section 7 – Common Ailments and Homeopathic Remedies

24. Accidents & Injuries

25. Aches

26. Headaches

27. Illness – Flu and Colds

28. Illness – Cystitis

29. Illness – Others

30. Allergies & Reactions

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone with an interest in alternative medicine,  Homeopathy, or for anyone who wants to look at health and well being alternatives.

Are there any course requirements?

There are no pre-course requirements, we will take you through the course step by step.

Your course is accredited by the International Association of Therapists and comes with a diploma certificate and an opportunity to apply for reduced rate membership of the IAOTH.

To sign up, watch some free previews, read the full course description, see the course syllabus and to read some independent reviews, please click on the link below. This is an online course and you learn at your own pace.


The Online - IAOTH Accredited Homeopathy Foundation Diploma Course (Certified)- €10.99 course at Academy of Ancient Magik is listed in's national courses finder.
Training ProviderAcademy of Ancient Magik
Course LocationDublin
Course TypeOnline Learning
Course QualificationDiploma
Awarding BodyInternational Association of Therapists (IAOTH)
Awarding Body DetailsHomeopathy Foundation Diploma Course
Course Duration150 hours of personal study
Course TimeOnce you have signed up you have access to all your learning materials, videos and manuals, you learn at your own pace, your course is available 24/7 and you have lifetime access. You may repeat the training as many times as you like and you have an online tutor if you need help.
Course Fee10.99
Entry RequirementsThere are no entry requirements.
Carear PathHomeopathy once full college training completed €60 and hour
Course Code110
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