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Online - Earth Angel Diploma Course (Certified)- €10.99

Online - Earth Angel Diploma Course (Certified)- €10.99 is a course run by Academy of Ancient Magik, Cork. It is a Online Learning course with a duration of 150 hours of personal study. Online - Earth Angel Diploma Course (Certified)- €10.99 gives a Course Qualification of Diploma, awarded by International Association of Therapists (IAOTH). For more information about Online - Earth Angel Diploma Course (Certified)- €10.99 at Academy of Ancient Magik, please review the details below.

🙏Start your journey of angelic self-discovery with this guide to life on Earth as an Earth Angel. Are YOU an Earth Angel?🙏 €10.99 Only, includes all materials and certificate


Accredited by the International Association of Therapists

* 7 Modules

* 27 Lectures

* Certified Diploma Course

* Accredited Course

* Online study

* Tutor support

* No time limit for completing your course

* 100 hours of study

* All materials, manual and certificate provided at NO extra charge

Start your journey of angelic self-discovery with this guide to life on Earth as an Earth Angel. Are YOU an Earth Angel?

✅ Your course is Accredited by the International Association of Therapists (   

In this comprehensive angelic course, we will focus and learn about the Earth Angels who were born onto the Earth with a special soul mission.

Do you often look up to the stars and wonder where home is?

Do you feel somehow that you don’t belong here?

Have you always felt different to everyone else?

Have you always had a strong sense of right and wrong, even as a child and got upset when people mistreated others, animals and nature?

The chances are that YOU could be an Earth Angel!

The course contains a 37 question comprehensive questionnaire for you to take to see if you may be an Earth Angel.

We will look at the characteristics of Earth Angels to help you identify with them and give you guides to show you how you can cope with life in relationships, friendships, the workplace and spirituality by understanding yourself better.

You will have practical acitivities to develp yourself spiritually and you will be taken through some beautiful meditations to connect you with your higher angelic self.

Above all you will get a sense of peace and feel the love and connection from the angelic realm as you work through it. 

blessings and love

Tania x

What will you learn ?

🙏  Identify the characteristics of an Earth Angel

🙏  Understand why Earth Angels are here at this time.

🙏  Understand the role that an Earth Angel plays on earth at this time.

🙏  Find the best type of work and working environment for you as an Earth Angel

🙏  You will learn relationship tips for Earth Angels and those in relationships with Earth Angels

🙏  How you can maintain friendships and hold your light in difficult situations

🙏  You will learn how to connect with your higher angelic self.

🙏  Understand how being an Earth Angel works with religion, faith and spirituality.

🙏  Learn about the universal plan for Earth that was put in place by the spiritual hierarchy 26,000 years ago.

🙏  You will learn techniques to help you develop spiritually

and much, much more …

Please watch the free preview videos and check out the course curriculum.

What some of our students are saying about this course ..

Amanda SchiroAmanda

I gained invaluable insight and knowledge about myself, my purpose and my future! Thank you for helping us all, I hope to fulfill my purpose!


This course though explains about how to shape, protect, and evolve being an earth angel. But i believe that every person through their soul evolution and transformation can develop themselves as an earth angel. This course thoroughly teaches us to practice qualities of an earth angel.

Kathy PayneKathy

This course so far has given me much insite and validated who I really am, clarity of my life path and why I am here in the physical realm on earth. I have always known that I am different even a a small child. Loved this course!!!

Your course is accredited by the International Association of Therapists and comes with a diploma certificate and an opportunity to apply for reduced rate membership of the IAOTH.

To sign up, watch some free previews, read the full course description, see the course syllabus and to read some independent reviews, please click on the link below. This is an online course and you learn at your own pace.

The Online - Earth Angel Diploma Course (Certified)- €10.99 course at Academy of Ancient Magik is listed in's national courses finder.
Training ProviderAcademy of Ancient Magik
Course LocationDublin
Course TypeOnline Learning
Course QualificationDiploma
Awarding BodyInternational Association of Therapists (IAOTH)
Awarding Body DetailsAccredited Earth Angel Diploma Course
Course Duration150 hours of personal study
Course TimeOnce you have signed up you have access to all your learning materials, videos and manuals, you learn at your own pace, your course is available 24/7 and you have lifetime access. You may repeat the training as many times as you like and you have an online tutor if you need help.
Course Fee10.99
Entry RequirementsThere are no entry requirements.
Carear PathAngel Healer or Angelic Oracle Card reader, depending on the training path you continue. €60 and hour
Course Code107
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