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Illustrator CC

Illustrator CC is a course run by 1 Training, Dublin. For more information about Illustrator CC at 1 Training, please review the details below.

Illustrator CC


This excellent Illustrator CC course will teach you how to draw basic shapes, custom curves, text effects and colour gradients, as well as techniques for combining shapes, creating re-usable styles, modifying existing artwork, working with colour, printing and creating PDFs, and a lot more. The course has been created by an expert instructor with years of experience, as you can imagine, you will be given an abundance of insider knowledge and tips.

Our learning material is available to students 24/7 anywhere in the world, so it’s extremely convenient. These intensive online courses are open to everyone, as long as you have an interest in the topic! We provide world-class learning led by IAP, so you can be assured that the material is high quality, accurate and up-to-date.

What skills will I gain?

  • Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to draw and format a wide variety of shapes and objects
  • Learn how to bend, stretch, warp, and combine and split objects
  • Learn how to apply colours, patterns and gradients to fills and strokes
  • Learn how to create special effects, how to use the new cloud-based features, as well as tips and shortcuts to streamline your work

Meet the Instructor:

Bob Flisser has been providing computer training since the early 1980s. Since 1990, he has been engaged in consulting, technical writing, and creating multimedia presentations and print material. In 1995, when the web was new, Bob added web development to his skills. He has had several video courses published, and is the co-author of a dozen books of computer tips and shortcuts. Bob also has written courseware and magazine articles and has created and run training centers for several companies.

How will I be assessed?

  • You will have one assignment. Pass mark is 65%.
  • You will only need to pay £19 for assessment.
  • You will receive the results within 72 hours of submittal, and will be sent a certificate in 7-14 days.

What Certification am I going to receive?

Those who successfully pass this course will be awarded a Illustrator CC certificate. Anyone eligible for certification will receive a free e-certificate, and printed certificate.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide any software with this course.

Course Curriculum Total Units : 63
1. What is Illustrator’s Place in the World
1. What is Illustrator’s Place in the World
3. Tools, Panels & Rulers
4. Zooming In & Out
5. Managing Artboards
6. Rulers, Grids & Guides
7. Outline & Preview Modes

1. Creating a New Document
2. Drawing & Modifying a Simple Shape
3. Drawing Rounded Rectangles & Ellipses
4. Drawing Polygons, Stars & Lens Flares
5. Special Shapes: Lines, Arches, Spirals & More
6. Selecting Objects

1. Understanding Bezier Paths
2. Draw & Edit with the Pencil, Smooth & Path Eraser Tools
3. Direct Selection Tool for Bezier Paths
4. Pen Tool Basics: Drawing Straight Lines
5. Drawing Curves with the Pen Tool
5. Drawing Curves with the Pen Tool
6. Using the Convert Anchor Point Tool
7. Splitting, Joining & Converting Paths
8. Making Sense of the Pen Tool’s Mouse Pointers
8. Making Sense of the Pen Tool’s Mouse Pointers
10. Painting with the Brush & Blob Brush Tools
11. The Eraser, Scissors & Knife Tools

1. Color Modes: RGB vs. CMYK
2. The Color Panel
3.The Swatches Panel
4. Applying Gradients
5. Creating a Style
6. Appearance of Black

1. Applying Strokes with the Control Panel
2. Applying Strokes with the Stroke Panel
3. Variable Width Tool
4. Using the Offset Path Tool
5. Applying a Gradient to a Stroke

1. Transforming Objects
2. Creating a Cool Effect with the Transform Each Command
3. The Free Transform Tool
4. Grouping Objects & Creating Compound Paths
5. Editing Objects Using Isolation Mode
6. Pathfinder Panel
7. Shape Builder Tool
8. Blending Shapes with the Blend Tool
9. Using the Blend Tool with Symbols

1. Aligning & Distributing Objects
2. Changing the Stacking Order
3. Using the Layers Panel

1. Creating, Editing & Formatting Type
2. Fitting a Paragraph of Text into an Area or Shape
3. The Area Type Tool
4. The Touch Type Tool
5. Placing Type on a Path
6. Using the Appearance Panel to Apply a Gradient

1. Printing
2. Saving an Adobe PDF
3. Saving for Web
4. Using Tiling to Print Large Documents
5. Packaging Files
6. Sharing Your Work on Behance

1. Customizing Panels, Workspaces & Keyboard Shortcuts
2. Setting Preferences
3. Credits

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Training Provider1 Training
Course LocationDublin
Course Fee18
Entry Requirements• You must be 16 or over • You should have a basic understanding of English, Maths and ICT • You will need a computer or tablet with internet connection (or access to one)
Carear Path• Web Designer • Graphic Designer • Digital Designer • System Integrator • Developer
Phone+44 208 610 9650
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