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High Impact Communication Certification

High Impact Communication Certification is a course run by 1 Training, Dublin. For more information about High Impact Communication Certification at 1 Training, please review the details below.

High Impact Communication Certification

Course Description:

In the age of technology, business communication is undergoing dramatic and rapid change, but there is one thing that has not, the need to get your message across succinctly, purposefully and with focus. This excellent High Impact Communication course will teach you the secrets of high-impact written and spoken communication and how to apply them every day to achieve your goals, influence others and get results. During this fantastic High Impact Communication you’ll discover dozens of tips, strategies and techniques for producing optimised communication in every situation, like how to get your message across succinctly, purposefully and with focus, allowing you to be clear, concise, correct, creative and conversational in all your communications.

Our learning material is available to students 24/7 anywhere in the world, so it’s extremely convenient. These intensive online courses are open to everyone, as long as you have an interest in the topic! We provide world-class learning led by IAP, so you can be assured that the material is high quality, accurate and up-to-date.

What skills will I gain?

  • How to avoid errors and oversights that cause confusion
  • The essentials of clear and concise speaking and writing
  • How to correctly use commonly misused words and phrases
  • Embarrassing abuses of language you should be aware of and avoid
  • Creative ways to express yourself and gain attention and acceptance
  • Keys to writing just like you were talking to someone

Meet the instructor:

Lauren Sheiffer is a recognized expert on respectful communication and the driving force behind High Road communication. Lauren has inspired tens of thousands of people nationally and internationally to shake off mediocrity and aspire to excellence. Lauren’s book, Road Signs on the High Road of Life has been listed by LifeStyles Magazine in their top ten Best.

Lauren leads by example because she simply refuses to place limits on herself. She shows others how to expand their comfort zones to achieve personal and professional fulfillment. She has a passion for guiding others–women, men, executives, managers, employees and entrepreneurs alike in their quest to pass through good and grasp great; to pass beyond survival and into triumph.

She also makes sure to have some fun along the way because if you can’t have a little fun along the road, why travel it at all?

How will I be assessed?

  • You will have one assignment. Pass mark is 65%.
  • You will only need to pay £19 for assessment and certification.
  • You will receive the results within 72 hours of submittal, and will be sent a certificate in 7-14 days.

What Certification am I going to receive?

Those who successfully pass this course will be awarded a High Impact Communication certificate. Anyone eligible for certification will receive a free e-certificate, and printed certificate.

Course Curriculum Total Units : 25
1. Get to the point up front
2. Choose familiar words people understand
3. Keep sentences short and simple so people retain what you say
4. Stick with the subject-verb-object sentence structure to avoid confusion
5. Communicate difficult information with visuals
6. Take time to edit to avoid unprofessional mistakes

1. Get rid useless words and phrases
2. Shorten sentences
3. Avoid long, flowery explanations
4. Know the two basic ways of communicating and when to use each for the greatest impact

1. Less/Few
2. That/Who
3. Verbiage/wording
4. Farther/Further
5. Both/each
6. Anxious/eager
7. Lie/lay
8. Respond/react

1. Build mind maps as the first step in your creative process
2. Freewrite your ideas to get the words on paper quickly and painlessly
3. Break rules you learned in junior high to conquer creative blocks qnd barriers
4. Know your audience and what they want to know from you

1. Replace passive phrases and sentences with active, Conversational ones
2. Tell stories to bring your ideas to life
3. Strive to be interesting in both your writing and speaking

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Training Provider1 Training
Course LocationDublin
Course DurationGuided Learning Hours 02
Course Fee349
Entry Requirements• You must be 16 or over • You should have a basic understanding of English, Maths and ICT • You will need a computer or tablet with internet connection (or access to one)
Carear Path• HR Manager • HR Officer • Office Manager • Communications Officer
Phone+44 208 610 9650
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