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French Continuation (QQI Level 3)

French Continuation (QQI Level 3) is a course run by Limerick College of Further Education, Limerick. For more information about French Continuation (QQI Level 3) at Limerick College of Further Education, please review the details below.

Participant Profile

The French Continuation course is suitable for individuals who already have a simple and basic knowledge of the French Language. This program aim to provide the learner with a strong foundation in the knowledge, skills and competence necessary to communicate effectively in French


Course Description 


  • Display awareness of some basic features of the culture of the target country, to include commonplace greetings and social courtesies, and local customs
  • Use introductory vocabulary, to include greetings, introductions, courtesies, basic personal information, numbers 1-100, time, simple directions, making purchases, food and drink
  • Use sentence connectors, question words and simple grammatical constructions with correct pronunciation
  • Exchange familiar information, to include personal details such as where they live, people they know and things they have, notions of time and quantity, space and location, lifestyle preferences and responsibilities
  • Indicate a breakdown in communication, to include a signal of non-understanding, asking for repetition or slower speech, or ‘Do you speak English/ [name mother tongue]’ in the target language
  • Read simple notices, signs and short pieces of text on familiar subjects, to include social and/or work-related information
  • Interact in a simple way in the target language, to include simple exchanges and use of basic phrase, ordering food and drink, and making familiar purchases
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Training ProviderLimerick College of Further Education
Course LocationLimerick
Awarding BodyQQI
Awarding Body DetailsQQI Level 3 minor award in French 3N0862
Course Duration12 Weeks
Course TimeWED 19.00-21.00
Course Fee€130
Course CodeLA009
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Course Provider

Limerick College of Further Education

Limerick College of Further Education, Limerick, Mulgrave St., Limerick, Republic of Ireland

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